Imagine if you can bring forests using your gadgets into the comfort of your home. How would you feel? It would be breathtaking, right? And the good news is, you can experience them all now, thanks to the project made by WWF (World Wildlife Fund)!

Through this occasion, we're also proud to announce that we have become the official partner for this project! For several months, our team was in charge of creating and also developing an AR-based application, called WWF Forests.

This application enables you to explore the wonder of forests directly from your own home. Simply scan your surrounding, and let it does the magic for you! 😉

Photo: World Wildlife Fund

Jeffin Andria Prabowo, Assemblr's WWF Forests Project Manager, said that this project was initiated to raise people's awareness on how to maintain forest sustainability.

“Through this app, you can gain new insights on what kind of threats that can damage our forests, and also how we, as a part of the society, can fix it,” Jeffin further explained.
Photo: World Wildlife Fund

While working on this project, Jeffin and his team actually have an interesting episode. "Apparently, Apple noticed our collaboration with WWF, and told our team that it would be great to be a part of it," Jeffin added.

As a result, the project was delayed to make sure that it could include the latest Apple’s AR technology, ARKit. And the result? Well, surely it looks awesome!

You can check it later by yourself on the app. But, for now, let's take a peek of it through this video!

Video: World Wildlife Fund (YouTube)

As the project is now wrapped, Jeffin puts big hopes into the impact of WWF Forests on society.

“Hopefully, this app can relay a powerful message that is in line with what WWF values, and can open our eyes about the nature as well as the importance of maintaining a sustainable environment,” he closed.

WWF Forests, a partnership between Assemblr and WWF, is now ready to download for Apple users. Download now at the App Store to take a closer look on it, and brace yourself to explore and learn about forests with an unusual concept!

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