Albert Einstein once said that if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. Although they may look small, bees eventually play a big role in our ecosystem.

In celebration of World Bee Day, which is celebrated every 20 May, we are encouraged to realize how important the role of bees and other pollinators are for our lives.

Originally, World Bee Day was approved by the United Nations in 2017. The date was chosen since it is the same day as the birthday of Anton Janša, a pioneer of beekeeping.

To celebrate World Bee Day, you can contribute to so many things, and one of them is obviously to learn more about bees.

So, what now? Let’s get to know these 6 fun facts about the bees!

An infographic about bee facts

Now that you have learned some pieces of information about the bees, time to find more ways to celebrate the day. If we could suggest, here are our tips: go buy honey at the local beekeeper, plant lots of flowers and trees, and don't use pesticides and hazardous fertilizers.

Moreover, you can also use Assemblr and Assemblr EDU to learn about the bee's anatomy. Powered with augmented reality, we bet you will find a fun and easier way to understand the material!

Video: Assemblr World (YouTube)

Don’t forget to use this opportunity to share how important bees are with our closest people. Happy World Bee Day, folks! Buzz, buzz. 🐝

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