There's been a great debate between the importance of having to-do lists or not. While some people believe it helps them be more focused to reach their goals, some others think that creating to-do lists is a waste of time.

For the latter type, having to stick to the list drains them—it feels like they're being forced and live like robots, having to follow the lists.

However, as much as how the stirring debate keeps going on, we believe to-do lists are crucial, especially if you're a teacher or a student. Either way, it helps you focused to obtain your goals and sort your priority list.

If you're looking for reasons why to-do lists are important, here are why:

Why are to-do lists important?

1. Helps you achieve big goals

A dart on the 10-point target.
Photo by Mauro Gigli (Unsplash)

Putting all your attention towards big goals ahead of you can be burdening. This is when to-do lists can help!

By creating to-do lists, you can break your goals into smaller parts. To start off, you can think of the small steps that you can do to achieve the big goals.

When you start small, you find your goals more manageable. Little by little, you might not even realize that you're only halfway through them!

Aside from that, you can also finish more by focusing on activities with high value. Having a list of things you need to do means making it easier to prioritize your tasks.

It helps you see and work on the right things, so you can sort the important things you need to finish first.

2. Saves your time

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Imagine you're an architect, having a project to build a new house.

Of course, you're not building it empty-handed. You need to consider and create proper planning beforehand. Moreover, it's a real house that you want to build—not a mere paper house.

That's why you need to plan everything, hence you can save the time you need when you build.

That's also the same with having a to-do list. Creating to-do lists, although they may take time, can help you save the time you spend to reach your goals. It's much better rather than starting off without a plan at all.

In fact, by spending 10–15 minutes to think about and create your to-do lists, you can save an hour or more for execution!

3. Helps you remember your priorities

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When you have too many things going on in your mind, there's a huge possibility that you might lose your focus more easily.

However, as a teacher or student, it's essential for you to stay on top of your goals or task lists.

Writing to-do lists can help you navigate your priorities, hence you can memorize the important things you need to finish much more easily. By doing so, you can easily track your activities—as simple as referring back to the list.

After all, our brains are one complicated organ and might not be as good at remembering things, so having to-do lists sounds like a perfect thing to try.

4. Manage your tasks better

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Ever got overwhelmed when handling too many tasks or assignments at once? That will no longer be the case—as long as you have a to-do list in your hand.

To-do lists can help you manage your workloads better. When you have everything planned, you can have an overview of all your tasks and projects, enabling you to control your workloads more easily.

5. Helps you feel good

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Do you easily get stressed when tasks pile up? Writing your own to-do lists can ease your worries and help you feel more relaxed. It's like having all your actions in control.

However, that's not the only thing. When you're finally able to check the tasks you've finished, it's going to make you feel at the top of the world.

The satisfaction and accomplishment—all these feelings will motivate you to keep going on when things are hard at certain times.

Have you decided to create your to-do lists? If you have, our tip is to keep being consistent in finishing your goals. It may take time, but it's certainly going to pay off in the end!

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