Are you currently looking for an additional income, where you can also learn new things and gain new connections? If yes, you might want to consider to be our Assemblr EDU Distributor!


Assemblr EDU Distributor is a group of passionate people that distributes our products to be used by teachers and students all around the world.

Specifically, you will be anointed to help educational institutions to create fun and interactive learning, with the help of augmented reality (AR) technology.

We might work in the educational field, but it doesn’t require you to be an educator in the first place to be a distributor.

So, everyone — including you — can join as a distributor. Because whoever you are, whatever your background is, you can join us as long as you have a huge interest in the digital and educational field.


As you’re reading up to this point, you probably are still contemplating on why you should be a part of our distributor. Here, we’ve listed down 3 main benefits as an Assemblr EDU Distributor.

  1. Unlock access to our facility

We believe that our products are unique. Our target audiences are specific, detailed, and it’s actually a fresh opportunity for you to jump in.

However, to make our products are indeed convincing, you also need some aids that can support you. That’s why, we will provide you with our FREE marketing kit.

When you need to offer our products to your target customers, you can contact us to design your promotional needs. It will all be made according to your requests. Be it posters, banners, or brochures, we’re more than ready!

Also, you will be showered with support from our team. No need to worry, since our team will try their best to stand by to give you excellent customer service. Any problems that you encounter, we will try to give our fastest answer as we can.

Moreover, there’s also exclusive training regarding our products via video call. Our team will try to explain in the most detailed way, so you will not miss a thing about our product.

We strive to deliver you our excellent service, so you can deliver excellent performance as well.

2. Gain promising commission

Who doesn’t need money nowadays? It would be a lie if you answer no.

And, if you're looking for an additional income, this opportunity is perfect for you.

As a distributor, whenever you succeed to make a school or an educational institution subscribe to our products, you can earn a promising commission.

3. Work flexibly!

Our service runs all around the world, and you can work whenever and wherever you want.

As a part of our global network, you can work literally anywhere and anytime! Your freedom is our number one priority.


Interested in becoming our distributor? You can fill in this form right away, and if you’re done, our team will contact you shortly.

However, if you’re still taking your time, we also totally understand it.

Just remember that you can always visit our Distributor page to check and re-check everything to ensure you have the best decision.

On the bottom line

For the past couple of years (and of course, still going on), we are always on a mission to create an accessible augmented reality for everyone.

So, if you also agree with that value, then it’s the right time for you to be a part of our Assemblr EDU Distributor. Let's bring the dream into reality together with us! 😉

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that everyone can transform education to be more fun and interactive, using augmented reality technology. Interested to unveil more possibilities for your learning activities? Download Assemblr EDU now, available in App Store and Play Store!