Here's great news for all our Assemblr Certified Educators (ACE) all around the world: We've officially launched the ACE Dashboard!

To continuously giving the best experience for our community members, we have decided to create a dashboard to facilitate your activities as an ACE—all in one website. Mainly, ACE Dashboard has three features:

1. Dashboard

Here, you can explore what's happening around the community. Get yourself updated with the latest information around such as your status, the current top-three ACEs with the highest points, the latest blog post, and the ACE of the Month.

2. My Progress

If you're an ACE member, you know for sure that you need to report all your activities to gain ACE points.

Now, reporting your progress is also made simpler. We provide you a feature that allows you to submit all your activities, as well as keeping in track of all your progress—all is accessible on one page.

Once you have submitted your progress, our dedicated team will review it. You can check your report status on the "Status" bar. If your progress is "Approved", the ACE points will be added right away into your account!

3. Leaderboards

Have you ever gotten curious about your rank among the worldwide ACEs? This page answers it all! ACE leaderboards will display every ACE member's rank based on their points and levels.

The more points you have, the higher your rank! You can use this chance to catch up on your rank and be motivated to be the #1 ACE!

Besides the three features mentioned above, you can also register as a new member right away in the ACE Dashboard. No more application tests—you will officially become a part of us, simply by creating an account.

Don't you just love it? Check out the dashboard now! If you haven't registered as an ACE yet, head over to the dashboard and be a part of us today. 😉

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that everyone can transform education to be more fun and interactive, using augmented reality technology. Interested to unveil more possibilities for your learning activities? Download Assemblr EDU now, available in App Store and Play Store!