For the past few weeks, it is no secret that COVID-19 has impacted our lives more than anything in recent history. We’re all facing a challenging moment, and amidst this pandemic, Assemblr’s office has been empty as our team starts doing things from home.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean our activity has ceased! Work just looks a little different these days. As you might already know, we’re working on several projects coming up soon — including the new Assemblr EDU app that's designed for the education sector. And that means a lot of meetings, conference calls, and hustle-bustle — even if it’s from the comfort of our couches.

Assemblr Team
Our daily standup the other day. Keeping the spirit high from home!

On our spare time, our team still hang out as usual, be it on the lobby of our favorite online game (anyone here playing DotA?) or in Assemblr competing to be the best AR master in the office. In-house Assemblr competition has been a thing going on regularly in our office, and turns out it’s the best way to kill time during quarantine.

So if you're expecting lots coming from us, don’t worry. We’re still here delivering the best for you. How about your days at home so far? Let us know in Assemblr!

Assemblr is a platform for making 3D and Augmented Reality via smartphones. So far, Assemblr has been featured by Play Store and App Store with 1.5 million downloads, 350 thousand users and almost 1 million creations. To download Assemblr, click here.