Are you an avid fan of pop culture? In Assemblr, we can assure you that it's fairly possible to bring your favorite characters to life!

Today, we're going to take a peek at @yereayteslot's profile, one of our users. Ever since he started assembling in 2018, he's always totally set with his style; in fact, we can sum up his profile simply in five words: Classic Editor and pop culture.

Starting from scratch, he transformed our building blocks into the popular characters we all know. From Marvel superheroes, popular sitcoms, to game characters, he unveils his imagination and creativity in enjoyable AR arts!

Just a little note: If you've been using Classic Editor, you will notice that he made use of our 3D blocks insanely well. Do you see your favorite characters up there?

Let's check @yereayteslot's profile on Assemblr app and view his creations in AR experiences! 😉

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