A few days ago, we had a lovely visit from Universitas Jember's Faculty of Computer Science. The students came to learn more about augmented reality as well as Assemblr's behind-the-scenes: what we do at our office and how we work. It was fun!

This visit was part of their school tour to Bandung, where Assemblr's headquarter is located. Before they came, they have already visited several educational sites as well as other inspirational companies.

What made the visit exciting was how we broke it down into several activities. The students were divided in teams, and first they enjoyed a brief presentation about augmented reality as well as Assemblr in general.

A group of Universitas Jember students visiting Assemblr office
Look at those serious faces... 🤔

After that, there was a challenge each team has to complete. As they play, they visited each department in our office, getting to know each little part of the works needed to be done to make Assemblr.

From the developer team, the 3D team, to the creative team, everyone took turn to explain what we do on a daily basis as well as some of our company culture.

In the end, we held a Q&A session for students who were a little more curious. It was nice to know they learned a lot from their visit this time!

Universitas Jember at Assemblr office
Sayonara! Hope we can meet again!

Anyway, we're always open to opportunities to connect with schools in our community. If you're interested to visit Assemblr, you can always e-mail us at info@assemblrworld.com. Looking forward to more visits!

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