Since Assemblr welcomed 20 interns last August, there have been many exciting stories going on about their internships. Today, we will take a deeper look at how the interns manage their time despite their busy day-to-day activities.

Coming from different departments, our interns experience the same struggle: time management.

When we try to focus on one thing, we may still find it hard to manage the time. Now imagine having many activities at once—of course, you have no choice but to juggle between them.

How do they overcome that struggle? What are their strategies? Check out their answers below!

Hello! Please introduce yourself first.

Shafa: “Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Shafa Nadiya Hidayat. I’m a Sales and Marketing intern in Assemblr. I’m currently on my seventh-semester at Politeknik Negeri Bandung. I love watching movies!”

Dhimas: “Hi! My name is Dhimas Rasyad Rahardianto. I’m studying at Universitas Diponegoro. In Assemblr, I’m an intern in the UI/UX department. My hobby is strolling around the city! I’ve just explored Braga a while ago.”

Tri: "I’m Tri Wahyudi from the Creative Department. My hobby is singing and reading. I’m currently in my seventh semester at Telkom University.”

Kelly: “Hello! My name is Kelly Haryanto. I’m a seventh-semester student from Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. Right now, I’m working as an intern in the Asset Department. I love playing games.”

Repi: “My name is Repi Repaldi. I’m studying at Universitas Serang Raya. In Assemblr, I’m a part of the Unity Programming Department. I love playing games during my spare time.”

What are you doing these days?

Shafa: “Besides my internship in Assemblr, I am also a full-time seventh-semester student, so I am doing my internship while having full classes every day.”

Dhimas: “I’m also the same with Shafa. Right now, I’m doing my internship while having classes and freelancing in an agency too. For me, it’s pretty much doing an internship in the afternoon and still doing another work at night.”

Tri: “These days, my daily activities are basically filled with internship, classes, and thesis. I’m currently working on chapter three for my thesis, enjoying my hobbies, and working freelance.”

Kelly: “Nowadays, I’m doing my internship and focusing on my thesis. I will have my thesis defense next week, so that’s pretty much how my day goes.”

Repi: “I’m currently just focusing on my internship since there are no classes left for me. I’m also working as a freelance developer, but I’m focusing more on my internship.”

What’s your opinion on juggling between internship and other activities? Do you have any expectation before? And is it any different from reality?

Shafa: “In the beginning, I was kind of overwhelmed by the schedule.

From Monday to Friday, I have classes that start from 7 AM. However, it became a lot easier now that I have adapted to the whole situation.

Also, the Sales and Marketing department is very understanding of the situation, so the deadline given is flexible.

Before I experienced all of this, I already expected to be busy while working at a start-up. In reality, it does match my expectation, but everything doesn’t feel like a burden. Instead, it is very enjoyable!”

Dhimas: “Personally, I expected this whole thing to be busy, but I knew I can still handle it. In reality, it just fits my expectation. I manage to take too many things on my plate.

I try to finish my work in office hours as much as I can, so I can finish other activities after working hours.”

Tri: “For me, I thought this internship wouldn’t be as busy as it is right now. At first, I struggled to handle my internship while also working on my thesis. But as the day goes by, I just get used to it.”

Kelly: "I think I expected this internship to be quite a lot to handle. In reality, the internship turns out to be very organized."

Repi: “Well, my expectation is similar with Dhimas’ and Tri’s. I thought it wouldn’t be as hectic as it is. Being a developer, it’s quite complicated as you deal with a lot of coding. All in all, working is definitely not as simple as we thought it would be. I need to learn more to be able to thrive.”

Can you rate your schedule from 1-10? 1 is not busy at all and 10 is very busy.

Shafa: “It’s an 8 because I have my classes while doing an internship and also working on my thesis. For my classes, there are always new assignments every day, so I have a tight schedule on the weekdays. Thankfully, I can still relax and enjoy my time on the weekend.”

Dhimas: “Mine would be 7—my schedule isn’t as hectic as Shafa’s. From morning to afternoon, I’m having my classes and doing my internship. However, I don’t have classes every day and I also rarely get new assignments.”

Tri: “I think it’s an 8. My assignments are quite a lot, and I’m also busy preparing for my thesis.”

Kelly: “For me, it’s an 8. I’m currently preparing for my thesis defense while doing my internship. I aim to graduate in 2022, so I’ve got no time to take it slowly.”

Repi: “Well, mine is 5—it’s just in the middle. I’m not too busy because I’m only focusing on my internship.”

Are there any tips that you wish you knew about managing your time?

Shafa: “My tips would be to make a daily to-do list. Listing the tasks and setting goals to finish them really help. I don’t want them to pile up at the end of the day—I’m trying to finish my work during the office hours, so I can just relax on the weekend.”

Dhimas: “It’s pretty much the same for me. Every morning, I will list what I want to do all day, but I don’t want to be either too strict or too loose about the timing. That way, I can be flexible, but I can manage to finish them on time.”

Tri: “Coming from me, the tip is not to do anything depending on your mood. If you don’t feel like doing something, find a way that will boost up your mood. For example, you can set time to do something for 30 minutes and take five in between.”

Kelly: “Personally, I usually manage my time by setting it clear between working and playing time. When I get tired of working, I will play instead and try to be flexible. Sometimes, I’m even doing both at the same time.”

Repi: “My tip is not to procrastinate when there’s a task—just do it right away before it gets too much. Usually, I also write down what I need to do and prepare beforehand. And the last one, sleep and wake up on time every day! It helps you manage your time better.”

Just like our interns, every person has different strategies to manage their time. In the end, the most important thing is to be aware of our responsibilities and how to spend our time effectively.

If you are interested to be a part of Assemblr, check out our LinkedIn—who knows there’ll be exciting internship opportunities for you!

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