Six months ago marks the first time our journey started. 23 August 2021, to be exact.

Out of 1,100 applicants, 20 of them are chosen to experience the rollercoaster ride as a part of Assemblr for the past few months. And one of them is certainly lucky enough to be able to write about it (yup, that's me 🤩)!

Looking back to the onboarding day, we all had no idea of so many things that awaited us— all the challenges, new lessons, and a lot of fun things!

We have learned more about our fields, and in Assemblr, we are lucky to learn from the hands-on experience. However, besides all the experiences, we also had so much fun with each other! We met new people, made new friends, and created many memories.

If we had to mention all the moments, they wouldn't be able to fit in this one blog post. But among all, we believe that one of the most exciting moments was when we had an outing! We went trekking and spent our afternoon together, chilling, chatting, and having a good time around nature.

Besides that, our after-hour activities were also amazing! Take film photography—one of the most happening things in our office. Since we have that one thing in common, we decided to go photo hunting around Bandung.

There were also times when the interns' squad in Bandung went out together to explore cafes and a lot of exciting places. It's always been a good time to bond and share stories with each other! Above all, this is one of the best things from this internship; we made super cool friends from different backgrounds.

As today’s our last day in Assemblr, we have this mixed feeling. At some point, we’re glad that we can finish all the challenges well, but it's also sad that this internship is almost over.

And this blog post is one of our ways to bid our farewell. Although, we actually had three different farewells already. No kidding, you read it right.

The first two were to say goodbye to the interns who went back to their hometowns, and the last one would be the official farewell for our last day in Assemblr—which is today.

In the beginning, our purposes for applying for this internship might be varied—from gaining real job experiences, learning more about the fields we’re interested in, and making new connections. And now, it's safe to say that all the boxes are checked! ✅

After all, we've learned and unlearned so many things throughout this internship. So many lessons learned, memories were made, but the time has come for us to bid a farewell. All we’ve got to say is… farewell, Assemblr! It's a wrap! 🎬

‘Till we meet again,

The coolest interns ever.