Earlier this week, our friend at Aaksen Studio held their 1st anniversary event 'The First Piece'. This intimate event revolved around their most recent work, which was also chosen as the venue. Meet Albizzia House, a house constructed from mummified timber.

This construction was started from a plan to renovate a house belonging to the lead architect's grandmother. During the demolition, the wooden roof truss structure was discovered in a very good condition. It turned out that the timber was an extraordinary one, which has been preserved in the countryside of Ciamis before delivered to the city of Bandung long time ago.

For those who aren't familiar with Aaksen Studio, we've had their previous work NOR House showcased in Assemblr before. Their works can be identified with the frequent use of natural light, open space, and unorthodox cuttings!

This time, we took part in creating Augmented Reality installation of Albizzia house to complete the experience. Panels and booklets displaying further information about their works were displayed. Visitors of the event could scan these displays using our app to see the 3D model of the house, sliced and broken down to show its entirety.


It’s great to showcase experience-based designs to the world and we can’t wait to announce our collaborations with other cool projects in the near future. Stay tuned for more!⁣