Aside from using Assemblr EDU classrooms, teachers are currently leaning towards learning management systems (LMS) as tools to help thrive the learning process, particularly in this era of hybrid learning.

While there are many kinds of LMS emerging lately, Google Classroom has remained as one of the most popular one. It allows teachers and students to discuss and share what's happening on the classroom through one platform.

If you happen to be a teacher who uses both Google Classroom and Assemblr EDU, now you can share your Assemblr EDU project's link right on the LMS platform! It's all made possible with our new feature, Assemblr Web Player.

But here's the great part: Your students don't need to install the Assemblr EDU app. They can open the link directly on the browser and view the 3D & AR lesson!

Here's how to do so:

1. After you finish creating the project, click Publish. Then, click on the Copy button to copy the link.

2. Open your classroom on Google Classroom.

3. Click on the "Announce something to class" column.

4. Paste your project's link into the column. Here, you can also add small notes to notify your students or add a description about your lesson's project. If you're done, click Post.

5. That's it! Your students only need to tap or click on the link, and they will be able to access your project.

Want to see what other things you can do with Assemblr Web Player? Visit Assemblr Learning Page to watch our tutorial videos. Keep on assembling!

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