If you're getting a voucher to redeem your Assemblr EDU Subscription Plan—either from our distributors or giveaway session, but haven't known the steps, we've got your back!

Here's a brief guide on how to redeem your Assemblr EDU Subscription Plan voucher:

How to Redeem Assemblr EDU Individual Plan or School Premium Plan Vouchers

1. Go to our website, and click Login/Register.

2. Log in to your Assemblr EDU account. Then, point to your profile on the top right to check your plan status.

3. Once you point to your profile, you will see this drop-down. To redeem your voucher, just click Redeem.

4. Insert your voucher code, and to proceed with the next step, click the blue button.

5. Here, you will see the details of your plan, starting from what you will get to the subscription period. If you're all set, click Proceed.

6. You're one last step away! We will ask you this question—just to make sure again. If you've got everything set, choose Yes.

7. That's it! Your account has been upgraded.

To check your plan, head to your profile, and you will see your plan has changed. However, if you experience any bugs or errors, message us at info@assemblrworld.com.

How to Add Accounts to Your Individual or School Premium Plan

If you're on the Individual or School Premium Plan, you can add other accounts to enjoy the plan as well. Check the steps below:

1. Point your profile, and choose Manage Plan.

2. On the Share the Plan section, select Go.

3. Type the Assemblr EDU usernames that you want to add to your plan. For Individual Plan, you can add maximum of 3 accounts, while for School Premium Plan, you can add at least 10 accounts.

4. Finished! Now, you're about to enjoy the plan with your friends or colleagues.

And those are the steps to redeem your subscription plan! For more information about Assemblr EDU Subscription Plans, check out the details on our website.

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