One of the fun stuffs we usually do with Assemblr's social media community is doing polls and Q&A sessions. After our first Q&A session with our CEO, Hasbi Asyadiq, we thought about getting our group of techies talk a little bit about developing Assemblr.

Curious about the people behind Assemblr's building blocks? Meet Risnandar, Erri, and Giri!

Though they're all talk-less-and-do-more, we managed to get some answers to the basic technical questions with a splash of humor. Without further ado, here are the questions and answers we have compiled from the session.

In what software was Assemblr made/created?

Erri: Assemblr was built using Unity3D engine, mostly.

What kind of coding do you guys use?

Giri: We use C#.

What type of database do you use to store the 3D objects?

Erri: Firebase. We take advantage of a serverless setup.

Who is the oldest and the youngest among you guys?

Risnandar: Giri is the youngest and the oldest is Erri.

How old do you need to work with Assemblr?

Risnandar: (thinking) 13 years old with 20 years experience. (laughs)

Lastly, how can we start working for Assemblr?

Giri: Come to the office and start working everyday. Just kidding, we'll let you know if we need more force in the team and you could follow the recruitment process.

Just like the Assemblr app, our growing team starts from a small group of fun and passionate people who enjoy creating things and putting what we’ve build together for the world. Everyday, we strive to make people’s lives easier through technology, not only for companies but also for our society. We consist of young & aspiring individuals, including strategists, programmers, 3D artists, animators, graphic designer, videographer, copywriter, and many more. Our office is based in Bandung, Indonesia.