Ever wanted to collect Pro 3D bundles, but don't want to subscribe to our plans? Chillax! You can do it all on Assemblr Studio 😉

Now, you can purchase Pro 3D bundles separately on your own—without having to subscribe to our plans. Feel free to purchase per bundle with the settled price, or subscribe to the whole Pro bundles for $9.9 per month!

How to Purchase Pro 3D Bundles on Assemblr Studio

1. On your Editor, click on 3D Objects.

2. Scroll through the Pro bundles, and click the one that you want to purchase.

3. Choose how you'd like to purchase, and then click Buy.

If you only want to own a specific bundle, choose Unlock this bundle only.

However, you can also unlock the whole Pro bundles by subscribing. If you prefer this one, choose Unlock All Bundles.

4. Pick your payment method.

Check your order once again—just in case you want to remove things or add new bundles. If you're all set, click Purchase.

After that, you can proceed with your payment, and your purchased bundles will drop soon on your 3D library!

Let's grab your favorite Pro bundle on Assemblr Studio! Get ready to complete your creations with various themes of 3D objects 🤩

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