Online teaching is undeniably a challenging period for teachers all around the world. Students are learning remotely in their homes; without being in the same space, you need to come up with creative ways to keep the learning experience lively.

However, what’s concerning is that online teaching can make students into passive learners. To overcome the hurdle, you should make sure that students engage with the material in a way that makes sense for them.

If you’re still looking for ways to make an effective online learning experience, here are our 4 tips that you can apply!

1. Being an active teacher

Photo by Chris Montgomery (Unsplash)

Either you’re teaching face-to-face or online, active teaching is important to maintain good relations with students.

Good communication generates a better understanding for students, hence they can feel the excitement of learning. The point is: The more engaged you are, the more engaged your students are as well.

To be an active teacher, try to pay attention to each of your students’ needs; responding to every question, discussing openly, and listening to their concerns or feedback are some things you can give a try to enhance online learning.

Keep in mind that being an active teacher means approaching students to engage in the learning process. Don’t focus only on stuffing your students with assignments; instead, give them large activities centered around writing, talking, problem-solving, and reflecting to help them grow.

2. Engage with everyone

Photo by lucas law (Unsplash)

Keeping your students engaged and motivated during online learning is not an easy task. If your students keep turning off the camera, muting the mic, avoiding delivering opinions, or seemingly dozing off, it’s your duty to get them re-involved in the learning process.

Actually, a good start can impact the way students grasp the lessons. Therefore, you can begin the class by giving students an interesting fact about the material that you will deliver to students. Also, try to find out what your students are passionate about and use it as a trigger to increase engagement.

Remember—teaching isn’t just about what you teach. You should develop a habit of asking questions in between their lessons, so it will help them to understand the lessons better.

3. Create interactive learning environments

Photo by Bram Naus (Unsplash)

Interactive learning requires students’ participation—it can happen only if students take a hands-on approach to their subject matter.

Creating interactive learning information helps students develop analytical reasoning and decision-making, as well as foster their imagination and logic. It encourages children to be involved in collaboration and teamwork.

Nowadays, bringing interactive learning into your online classroom is not rocket science—you can use educational games, social media, or even augmented reality (AR) experiences using Assemblr EDU. With 3D & AR-enabled lessons, you can create a more interactive experience for everyone—anytime and anywhere.

The great news is: Assemblr EDU is a free platform and is accessible on your smartphone or tablet. Feel free to create visually attractive AR mini-quizzes, presentations, flashcards, and many more!

4. Give proper feedback

Photo by Ryan Mendoza (Unsplash)

Giving feedback is essential for your student's learning experience, but in online classrooms, we know that there is very limited interaction.

However, no mountain is high enough. From now on, you can start practicing to communicate about your students’ performance regarding certain assignments or general in class.

Be very specific and deliver your feedback in a way you know they will understand. Instead of a mere “good job”, you can add more explanation about what stood out and left you impressed.

Aside from giving feedback, you should also check in with students who aren’t active. Try reaching out to them—make sure that all your students are present and understand the learning.

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