If there's something we all love from contemporary house designs, it's the frequent use of natural light and open space. It makes us want to find sun puddle spots in the house, lie down and take a nap. They all look so comfy!

That seems to be the case with NOR House as well. Set at the end of a narrow alleyway in a densely built urban area at the heart of Bandung, Indonesia, this little two-storey residence was designed by Aaksen Studio, one of our exclusive partners which has made this project available in Assemblr.

Sunlight was definitely the key in this project. Openings cut into the sides of the building and its roof allow daylight to filter in from multiple directions. Made for a Muslim family of four, the white compact house has a triangular window with a white decal cut into one corner of the building. This allows sunlight to flood the home's prayer room, projecting a shadow of the word Allah onto the floor.

"The name of NOR House is taken from their [the client's] children, who have the word nur or light in Arabic as part of their name. The name inspired us to put the element of the sun into the design," lead architect Yanuar Pratama Firdaus wrote to us. He added:

"In Islam, the communication between humans and God as The Creator is called the five times of obligatory ritual prayer, in which the five times indicate the transition of the sun."
"The prayer ritual was also our inspiration to design a house with the sun and light as the narrative of the architecture."

That's pretty deep, we admit.

Want to know how it looks inside? Below is the interior of the place as you can see in Assemblr. It's a small space, but it doesn't look packed at all! We can't stop looking at it.

To see the place clearer using our app, all you need is find this project by Aaksen Studio among our Exclusive Contents in your Explore tab. Then, just place the house anywhere you want using Augmented Reality (AR). You can put it in your desk to see it from every angle, or even in the ground where you're able to scale it big enough for you to get in!

The house in Augmented Reality!

Feeling inspired? You too could build your own house in Assemblr. Don't forget to share your creations in the app and showcase it for the worldwe're hoping to see more stunning works soon!