As the new decade is approaching soon, our team here at Assemblr are back to our favorite year-end activity. It's time to spread some year-end joy to your loved ones! (And prepare your wallets and stomachs for the celebrations, of course.)

But like any other holiday routines, repeating same things over and over again every year can be boring. This year, shouldn't you step up your card game as well?

For 2020, we've created a fun and everlasting New Year Augmented Reality greeting card for you to use for FREE. Scan the pages using Assemblr app and watch Blr dance surrounded by cute festive graphics – hopefully you'll start 2020 with a few smiles and chuckles!

How to get this card:
1. Go to the ‘Store’ section in Assemblr app below the Home tab.
2. Choose the 2020 Postcard.
3. Download and print your copy of the New Year 2020 AR card.
4. Tap on the ”SCAN” button on the bottom screen.
5. Point your camera towards the card to see it come to life with AR!

Assemblr is a 3D Augmented Reality platform which helps you to visualize ideas in 3D and AR for a fresh experience. To try Assemblr today,download the app here.