We’ve got an important addition to Assemblr Studio Web. Yes, the long awaited Line Annotation feature is now live on our platform! With this feature, you can add annotations to any part of your object in detail. Want to know how to use this feature? Follow the steps below!

1. Go to Assemblr Studio Web and create or open a project that you have created. Then, select Text.

2. Choose Annotation, and select Line. Don’t forget to fill in the title nd description. Then, choose whether you want the annotation to appear on the left or right of your target object.

3. To place the line annotation, click Place. Then, click on a certain position of the object.

4. That’s it! You can re-adjust your annotation with the Move, Rotate, and Scale features. And if you want to edit the title and description, simply click on your annotation!

Quite simple, right? If you want to add more information, you can also insert a few more annotations into your project!

Just a tip: To make your project even better, try to make use of our features–for example, the Scene feature! Delivering your information is made better and clearer! What are you waiting for? Create now in Assemblr Studio Web!

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