Have you ever thought how it feels like to witness the underwater world in the palm of your hands? Wonder no more! Get ready to jump into the deep blue sea with Assemblr’s Diving in an Underwater World printable AR illustrated book.

The underwater world comes alive with fishes and crustaceans with 8 pages of scannable AR illustrations. Each full-color page features a particular sea creature along with a general description and fun fact.

Scan the pages using Assemblr app and watch the sea creatures come to life with Augmented Reality technology. Young readers will love the interactivity included in every page, and parents can guide through the book to help carry readers’ experience beyond the page!

This downloadable and printable booklet is for everyone who LOVE fishes and the ocean!

How to use this book:

1. Go to the 'Store' section in Assemblr app below the Home tab.
2. Purchase the ’Diving in an Underwater World’ printable AR book.
3. Download and print your copy of “Diving in an Underwater World” AR book.
4. Tap on the ” SCAN ” button on the bottom screen.
5. Point your camera towards each page to experience the sea creatures come to life with AR!

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