Have you been waiting for new topics on Assemblr EDU? Well, just like you, we also feel the same!

Thank God—we have quite a bunch of new topics up on this month. Not only one, two, but we have 5 new topics in store for you! Go check out the list down below:

1. What Is Percentage?

The cover of Assemblr EDU's "What Is Percentage?" topic.

Really, what is the percentage? If you're a math teacher having difficulty in explaining this particular concept, you can use this topic! It certainly will be a great match—both for you and your students.

The content of Assemblr EDU's "What Is Percentage?" topic.

Not only provided with interactive visuals, but they also fully represent the whole material. Fewer words, more visualizations. Go find it on our Math topics!

2. Changes of States

The cover of Assemblr EDU's "Changes of States" topic.

Liquid, solid, gas. For us, this concept's not rocket science, but it may go the other way for little children.

To explain it much easier (and of course, more interactive!), you can use this Changes of States topic!

The content of Assemblr EDU's "Changes of States" topic.

Your students will undoubtedly love it. Head over now to the Physics topics to try!

3. Electrolytes & Nonelectrolytes

The cover of Assemblr EDU's "Electrolytes & Nonelectrolytes" topic.

For students, the concept of electrolytes and nonelectrolytes might not ring a bell. But actually, it only takes an on-point explanation to make it much easier.

With this topic, you can demonstrate how to do the simple experiment—all in impressive AR visuals. Bring the lesson to life, and let your students learn in a much more interactive way. Get it now on the Chemistry topics!

The content of Assemblr EDU's "Electrolytes & Nonelectrolytes" topic.

Just a little heads-up—this topic is one of our exclusive topics, so to unlock it, you can subscribe to our plans. 😉

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4. Evolution of Data Storage

The cover of Assemblr EDU's "Evolution of Data Storage Media" topic.

As time keeps on evolving, how people store data is also developing. This concept might be difficult, but what if you use AR to explain it?

If you're a computer teacher, this one is a much-needed topic.

The content of Assemblr EDU's "Evolution of Data Storage Media" topic.

Find it now on our Computer Science topic, and let your students view the visualization in a real-time environment!

5. Coming Soon: Osmotic Pressure

Chemistry teachers, gather up! Although this topic hasn't been released yet, you'll be amazed by how this lesson works.

It provides a complete explanation of how the osmotic pressure works as well as a quick quiz, and it's gonna come sooner than you think! 🥳

Aside from these five fresh topics, you can also find out more! Head over to our Topics, scroll-scroll to find what you want, and use it for your classroom. Alternatively, if you haven't found any, you can also request the topic from us!

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