New month means new topics! Check out this list of new topics entry for the month below—who knows, you're looking for some inspirations for your learning materials 😉:

1. Ancient Reptilians Fossil Series

From Mosasaurus, Parasaurolophus, Brachiosaurus, to Tyrannosaurus, you're going to uncover the "inside" (read: skeletons) of the dinos, with the parts explained as well!

2. What Is Recycling?

In this topic, we're breaking down all about the importance of recycling and ways that you can do to do so. If you're looking for an exact learning material about recycling, this will be the perfect topic!

3. Type of Trains

What do you know about the trains? Along its development, it turns out that there are several types of trains! In this topic, you're going to discover and learn three types of trains: steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, and high-speed rails.

4. Soccer Technique

PE teachers, gather up! If you want to teach about soccer techniques before actually heading to the field and practice, you might want to use this topic. Aside from the cute animations, we also provide detailed written explanations as well!

5. Bird and Their Kinds of Feather

Although they all look the same, bird feathers also have their own exact parts! Want to know what are the differences? Get to know about the parts of feather on this topic!

6. Bird Feature: Beaks & Feet

Different birds, different beaks, different feet. In this topic, you're going to find out about the beaks and feet of birds in this topic!

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