It's April already, and we're excited to share a few topics launched on Assemblr EDU! Want to know what are the topics? Let's check them out!

Vehicle Parts Edition

What is a vehicle made up of? It might be complex, but with the 3D & AR visualization, everything's just made a lot easier! From aircraft, cruiser ship, sedan, to an electric diesel submarine, you can take a look inside the vehicles.

Human Evolution

How does a human evolve? In this lesson, we're trying to break down human evolution in the most fun way. Pssst... Believe it or not, we share a common ape ancestor with the chimpanzees—just like what you're going to see in the lesson!

Human Muscle

Did you know humans have different types of muscle? In this lesson, you're gonna dive deep into different muscles—all the way from the top to the bottom!

Rare Insects

Have you ever noticed insects around your garden? Well, the ones we're covering are not your usual kinds of insects!

You might not be able to see these 5 rare insects in person, but with this lesson, you can see them "alive" in AR experiences—complete with the descriptions.


Learning about symbiosis is quite usual. Luckily, with this lesson, you can make the learning experience much more fun! Get to know all about the symbiosis with the AR experiences, starting from mutualism to parasitism.

Food Chain

How does the food chain work? With this lesson, get ready to learn about the food chain—supported with super cute animations and 3D objects that will make you crave to learn more.

Looking for more topics? Head to our Topics, scroll to find what you want, and use it up to your needs. We've got 180+ AR learning materials running on, and we'll keep updating the number! Also, if you want to request a specific topic, just hit us up!

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