In order to improve your career, one of the alternatives you need to consider is to do networking. It’s essential for you to build a relationship between people who have the same occupation, and discuss your work-life.

Teachers, in this case, are no exception. Then, how does networking specifically benefit teachers? Here are the explanations!

  1. Share your lesson plans and ideas

When you work all by yourself, sometimes you’re getting trapped with your own thought. For instance, “Is this material understandable for my students?”

When in doubt, that's exactly when networking does its magic for you. Believe it or not, if you have the right fellow teachers around you, you can share your lesson plans and ideas with them. It’s not merely about getting constructive feedback, but who knows, you can also inspire others with your awesome ideas.

2.   Partner up professionally with other schools

Opening doors to new opportunities will gain you more. By adding new networks to your list, it’s possible for you to collaborate professionally with them as well. You can do any collaboration — such as partner up between schools, or holding collaborative events, webinars, or workshops. Everything is just easier when you have the network!

3.   Getting support from fellow educators

Teaching can be daunting most of the time. That’s why, being surrounded by the right support systems will be helpful. Don’t let your problems keep on bothering your mind — instead, share what burdens you to fellow teachers. Since you're all working in the same industry, your fellow teachers can obviously sympathize more easily with your problems. In the end, you can get encouraged and also encourage each other at the same time.

After learning about the benefits, probably the next thought that pops up in your mind is, "How can I gain a new network amidst this COVID-19 outbreak?"

Apparently, networking is much easier for you to do these days, especially with the growth of digital technology. As our company develops the collaboration between AR and education through Assemblr EDU, we’re also seeking any possibilities for our teachers — or in this case, our users — to connect virtually with each other.

That’s why, we've created Assemblr EDU Facebook Community – a forum for our users to connect and stay in touch with each other! Join our growing community through this link, and you’ll discover thousands of fellow educators around the world! It's as easy as ABC, isn't it? 😉

And by joining our community, you can also:

  1. Share your AR interactive lessons in the forum
  2. Get connected with fellow educators to gain more network
  3. Exchange your tips and tricks in using Assemblr EDU
  4. Stay in touch with our team to deliver your feedback and ask questions about our app

So, how is it? Are you ready to grow more network? Let’s join Assemblr EDU Facebook Community, and we’ll get in touch real soon! 😁

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that education can get along with Augmented Reality. Therefore, we provide you a platform so that you can utilize AR to make interactive and creative lessons for your students. To level up your teaching experience, download Assemblr EDU in App Store or Play Store!