For the past few months, we can't deny that metaverse has been widely discussed by people from different backgrounds.

Ever since Meta—previously known as Facebook—released its own metaverse in August 2021, it has become a buzz on a global scale.

The word itself might have already been coined back in the 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash. But talking in the present, it still creates confusion among quite a lot of people—which then gave birth to this question: "What is metaverse, exactly?"

Yes, really. What is metaverse?

If you've been wondering about the term, you've come to the right place. We're going to dive deep into what metaverse is as well as the use cases. Let's go!

So, what is metaverse?

A man in lights using a VR headset.
Photo by julien Tromeur (Unsplash)

Metaverse is actually a network of 3D virtual worlds, which allows people to interact and have social networks just like how it is in the real world. In this case, VR and AR are two crucial tools that will boost up the user's overall experience.

However, the only different thing is that people will be represented as avatars. That said, you can actually walk around the area and chat with people through voice chat.

If you're a gamer and play the famous first-person shooter game Fortnite, this concept might not be strange for you. It has adopted the most basic form of the metaverse, in which users can interact with avatars and earn virtual currency to unlock outfits.

Still think it's unreal? Well, it's actually real real.

As much as it's still unfamiliar for some people, there have been lots of people making use of metaverse—even to getting married or attending worship services (yes, these things have really happened in real life!).

But on a bigger scale, the metaverse is beyond the things you can imagine right now. Soon enough and in the future, it can also be a very promising land of business activities and other use cases as well.

What are the use cases of metaverse?

1. Work in a virtual space

Photo by Luca Bravo (Unsplash)

The pandemic has shifted the lifestyle of working globally. Basically, everyone now can work from their homes or even go on the so-called "workcation"—which is a combination of work and staycation.

Although the trend has emerged quite rapidly, it might be possible for people to lose touch with their social-work life. This is when metaverse could help you.

Using the virtual building space, employees can gather in the building to work in teams, have a meeting, or hold an employee gathering in the virtual world. This allows users to navigate and walk around the area, just like how it is in real life.

2. Conduct learning activities virtually

Photo by Annie Spratt (Unsplash)

Just like the use case for working, schools or universities can also hold their activities in the metaverse.

Schools or universities can create a space that resembles their real buildings, and invite students and teachers to gather in one room to conduct school activities—be it for learning or having fun school events.

Online learning has been around for a while, and this is a much-needed solution for everyone—especially students—who miss the school vibes.

3. Going on a virtual vacation

Photo by Christin Hume (Unsplash)

Where do you wish to go? London? Tokyo? Bali? If you've never been to the places on your bucket list, you can do it all in the metaverse.

With metaverse, you can visit historical sites, landmarks, and famous tourist attractions without having to leave your home. Anywhere you are, you can go on a vacation and feel the surrounding environment, just like how it appears in real life.

4. Create virtual exhibitions & concerts

Photo by Dannie Jing (Unsplash)

Ever since the pandemic stroke, how many exhibitions or concerts have actually been put to hold? You might be able to name one or two, or even more.

These days, however, they have slowly regained their place in the offline world. But for the sake of safety, metaverse can be a safe solution for artists—from holding their art exhibitions to virtual concerts.

Video by Justin Bieber (YouTube)

Imagine visiting an art gallery or watching your favorite singer right in front of you, with the life-like surrounding, as if you're just really there. For us, it's still worth trying!

5. Conduct business activities

Photo by Medienstürmer (Unsplash)

For business owners, having a physical store that can display your products can be an additional big point. But these days, you can practically do everything online.

Luckily, metaverse provides you an option to create your own store in the virtual world, do business activities with your clients, and even gain money from doing so. Soon enough, you might even be able to produce campaigns or place ads in the metaverse!

And many more...

These are just a glimpse of what you can do, and in the future, we believe there are tons of things beyond our imagination.

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