Waking up early from Monday to Friday, turning on the laptop or any similar devices they have, and getting their hands and brains ready to work. That’s what our interns do in Assemblr!

Just a month ago, Assemblr has officially onboarded 20 interns from Kampus Merdeka’s Magang Bersertifikat (Certified Internship) program. Compared to our previous experiences, it is our first time to welcome 20 interns all at once—quite a huge number as well.

Through the Magang Bersertifikat program, we give them opportunities to experience a professional working environment with our team. Although it’s only been a month, they’ve already had exciting stories, particularly about their working experiences.

Wondering what it feels like working as an intern in Assemblr? Go read the stories of our five interns below!

Hi! Please introduce yourself first.

Varez: "My name is Alifian Alvarez Firdlorizky Suhada. People usually call me Varez or Yeyes. I’m studying at the National Institute of Technology (Itenas), currently in the seventh semester. Now, I'm working under the Developer Department in Assemblr as a Unity Programmer.”

Arfan: "Hello, I'm Arfan Hamid! You can simply call me Arfan. I'm in my fifth semester as a student of the Business Administration major at Diponegoro University. Here, I'm responsible for working in the Sales & Marketing Department as an intern."

Fuad: "I'm Fuad Azaim Siraj—you can call me Fuad. I'm from Sidoarjo, and now I'm a seventh-semester Industrial Engineering student at the Sepuluh November Institute of Technology. I’m working as a 3D Animator in the Asset Department.”

Gio: "My name is Giovani Dieky Fernando da Cunha. I'm currently majoring in the Computer Science program at the Institute of Technology and Business STIKOM Bali. Currently, I’m in my fifth semester and working under the UX Design Department as a UX Designer. Recently, I've done some activities like prototyping and other stuff as well.”

Kezia: "Hi, I'm Kezia Denalyn Halim! I'm currently a final year student of the English Literature at Maranatha Christian University. Now, I’m working in the Creative Department, specialized in copywriting. On a daily basis, I write copies for Assemblr social media accounts, articles, do keyword research for SEO, and many more.”

It's been a month ever since you’ve been officially working here. How does it feel to work as an intern in Assemblr?

Varez: “First of all, I was taken aback because I wasn't trained or even prepared for a real-working situation in my college before. But for now, I really enjoy this internship program! The people here are also super fun and communicative.”

Arfan: "Okay, honestly, I was somehow a bit surprised too. In a tech startup, there are a lot of technical things that may constantly change depending on the situations given. That’s why there are a lot of changes for my task—it’s always challenging for me.”

Fuad: "Honestly, when I applied for this internship program, I wasn’t really sure about this one. I already realized that the role I applied for wasn’t related to my major at all. But here I am now! Work-wise, I’ve gained a lot of insights and even got to meet new friends as well.”

Gio: “In Assemblr, I’ve gained both hard skills and soft skills that surely will benefit me later on. The role that I took also matches perfectly with the tasks, so it’s been very exciting and challenging! Also, the fact that we can work and collaborate together with all departments is really impressive. I feel happy to build relations with new friends all across Indonesia.”

Kezia: “To be honest, I was also quite surprised at first, especially during my first week. Since the internship started after a long holiday, my body was not used to working from 8 to 5—it took me a while to get used to it. However, my team is extremely helpful and welcoming, so I don’t hesitate to ask about anything. I think the working culture is quite balanced too, and since it’s a startup, we have to be able to adapt with all the dynamics happening around.”

Does everything match your expectations?

Varez: "Even if I’m still working from home, everything is going well just as I expected. Assemblr gives us flexibility for the working schedule, but still, I want to work from the office as soon as possible.”

Arfan: "It does go beyond my expectations! As an intern, I was given a strategic role and got involved directly with our department for some research and projects.”

Fuad: "It does—it even exceeds my expectations!. I’ve learned a lot of new things about the technical aspects of 3D animation by observing movies, which help me to be a better animator as well! It is an eye-opening experience for me.”

Gio: “Yup, I also agree with everyone. As a UX Designer, I’ve gained new skills and done some things that I’ve never done before. It is always challenging!”

Kezia: "I like the job, so it does perfectly match my expectations! Although I’m still working from home, I’ve learned a lot about how to write a good copy, like choosing the dictions and researching keywords for SEO purposes.  However, I think I want to work from the office as soon as possible, so I can feel the working vibes directly.”

Any goals that you wish to accomplish as an intern? Or any final words from you all?

Varez: "I wish I could meet all the people in person soon, and I hope I can gain more skills and knowledge from Assemblr!”

Arfan: "Maybe I'm expecting more surprises from Assemblr! I can't wait for more exciting projects with my team, and I hope I can meet all the interns and also the mentors soon.”

Fuad: "Actually, I agree with everyone. I hope we all can meet soon and get closer with each other because I believe relations matter. Just do it and enjoy the process, everyone!”

Gio: “I’m just gonna say, I’m ready for the upcoming challenges! I hope it can help me explore my potential and hone my skills as a UX Designer.”

Kezia: “I hope everyone can do their best on this internship program. We still have some time left to learn about new things and grow ourselves. I hope everything’s worth it! I also can’t wait to see the other interns as soon as possible.”

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