Ever since our Kampus Merdeka interns have been working in the office, there are so many exciting things that they’ve done together. While our office is located in Bandung, there are also some interns who came all the way from their hometowns to work from our office!

What are their stories? Are there any ups and downs that they’ve experienced? Read on!

Hi! Please introduce yourself first!

Fuad: "My name is Fuad Azaim Siraj, I'm from Sidoarjo. Currently, I’m studying at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya."

Eriel: "Hello! My name is Khansa Eriella Savanti, but people usually call me Eriel. I'm from Padang, and I’m a student at Gadjah Mada University (UGM)."

Dhimas: "Hi! I'm Dhimas Rasyad Rahardianto from Sidoarjo; currently a student at Diponegoro University (Undip) in Semarang."

Haryanti: "Hi! My name is Haryanti from Central Kalimantan, Palangkaraya. And now, I’m studying at the State University of Surabaya (Unesa)."

Gio: "I'm Giovani Dieky Dacunha from Bali, and now I’m studying at the Institute of Technology and Business (ITB) STIKOM Bali."

Aina: "Hello! My name is Aina Almardiyah from Batam. Now, I’m a student at the State University of Padang (UNP)."

Six Kampus Merdeka Interns at Assemblr taking a picture together
From left to right: Fuad, Eriel, Dhimas, Aina, Haryanti, and Gio

What motivates you to work from the office (WFO) although you can simply work from home (WFH)?

Fuad: "For me, it'll be more effective if I'm working from the office and talking to the person directly rather than working from home. There are many interesting things that we can do outside of our expertises—be it technical skills or soft skills."

Eriel: "The first reason is because I want to feel hands-on working experiences. Also, I'm very interested in Assemblr because they focus on building augmented reality (AR) platforms. Besides, I also want to experience what it feels like to live in Bandung.”

Dhimas: "The first thing is because working from home isn't that conducive. I want my working environment to be as effective as possible, so I decided to go to Bandung."

Haryanti: "I decided to work from the office because I'm looking for experiences. One of my goals is to work in Bandung or Jakarta, and for me, this is a big opportunity. "

Gio: "The reason is because I want to work outside of Bali. Also, if I'm working from home, it won't be conducive at all since I often get distracted with my environment, and I think I need to spend more effort to focus."

Aina: "I decided to work from the office due to my previous working experience. At that time, it was hard to do coordination, and I often experienced miscommunications as well as having bad signals. I know that if I work from home, I might be able to save more money, but I’d rather work from the office!"

Ever since working in Bandung, have you experienced any culture shock?

Fuad: "I think it was when I said the word ‘punten’ in the wrong tone. It’s actually a Sundanese language, and the person that I met thought that I wanted to ask something. But actually, I just wanted to pass by."

Eriel: "When the night comes, I’m a bit shocked as the street is quiet and empty. But maybe, I'm still not familiar with the places. Plus, I think the food is kinda expensive 👀✌🏼"

Dhimas: "I tried to learn the Sundanese language, and my friends said that my tone was quite harsh. Normally, in Bandung, people speak in a soft tone. Through that experience, I learned something new."

Haryanti: "For me, it was the weather. Back then, I'm already used to the super hot weather in Surabaya, but now I need to get used to the chilly weather in Bandung."

Gio: "The first thing I noticed was the weather. It's extremely cold—when I arrived here, I even caught a flu for several days. And then, the speaking tone. In Bandung, people usually talk in a calming and subtle tone."

Aina: "There is a Sundanese word called ‘ayeuna’, which has the same pronunciation as my name. At first, it was a bit weird when people said it. It feels like people always call me!"

Did you face any ups and downs? Could you share if you experienced any?

Fuad: "Since I'm working at a startup company, the workflow tends to change constantly, and it’s quite challenging, so I have to be more adaptive."

Eriel: "The overall environment is fun, and the people, too. Not only that I’ve learned about UX, I can actually learn more than that. Since it’s located in Dago, I also love the office—it’s very close to the nature!"

Dhimas: "In Assemblr, the people are very supportive. Although we’re work mates, we also hang out a lot on the weekend!"

Haryanti: "Since I'm already used to studying in another city and living by myself, it was just something usual for me. But I think I need to adjust to the different culture.”

Gio: "It’s enjoyable, and I’ve learned a lot of stuff from working together with the mentors and friends. On the other hand, it’s also challenging because I need to learn new things to create a far better product."

Aina: "It's exciting since the environment makes work much more enjoyable. Every day, it feels like I’m not working, but more like creating something valuable for people. Also, I can learn a lot of new things from the after-hour activities, like how to paint with watercolor and play some instruments."

Can you share any fun activities that you’ve done together with fellow interns or work mates?

Fuad: “Lately, we trekked along Maribaya. Our route started from the office, then we also stopped by for breakfast. After that, we trekked along a small waterfall and met some monkeys!"

Eriel: “The most entertaining experience was when we went to a café and played some cards. One of our friends can also do some magic tricks, and we often get fooled by his tricks. But it was fun, though!"

Some Kampus Merdeka interns at Assemblr hanging out to a cafe
Our interns during their casual after-hours hangout!

Dhimas: "It’s always fun working at the office! But in our spare time, we also explored Bandung and hunted for some pictures together with the Assemblr team. And the highlight is when there’s free food in the office—I always make sure to gobble everything up!”

Haryanti: "In Assemblr, we’re currently into film cameras, and I’m also one of those people! While we hunted for some pictures, we also strolled around Braga street and explored the city together.”

Gio: "So far, we’ve done a lot of fun activities like hanging out, trekking, picture hunting, and playing games at lunch time—our favorite is Tekken! I think these activities help, so we won’t experience burnout.”

Aina: "Personally, I’m always excited when I have a watercolor session with our CCO, Anita. While doing so, there were also our friends who played some instruments, and it felt like I was accompanied by great live music! Since I rarely get out, I also usually play Valorant with my fellow interns and mentors.”

One of our Kampus Merdeka interns playing instruments with our CEO, Hasbi Asyadiq
On our lunch breaks, we often have some fun jamming sessions!

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