The land of Italy has always got a special spot in our hearts. For some people, it might remind them of pizza, pasta, and other delicious food—you name it. But for us, it's certainly a little bit different; Italy reminds us of our ACE members.

On our first ACE Series, we took a chance to talk with Federica Tamburini and Mary Muolo—two among ten ACE members in Italy—to share their stories about the Italian ACE growth.

Video by Federica Tamburini
Video by Mary Muolo

As we grow bigger and bigger, we can't thank our Italian ACEs enough for their dedication and support from the very start. They have been hugely passionate to keep sharing about Assemblr EDU through simple yet influential actions.

From community, to community

"Although there are only ten Italian ACE members, the teachers who use Assemblr EDU are relatively many," says Mary. Among the ten, Federica adds that there are around five members who become very active on social media.

For you, ten members might sound like a small number. But it goes the other way with their spirit; they're always fired up to share about Assemblr EDU and ACE.

Both Federica and Mary are Assemblr EDU community founders in Italia—which also becomes one of the factors why we chose them for this series. Starting small, now they have bloomed quite rapidly.

To date, Federica has almost 400 members on her Facebook & Telegram communities, while Mary has around 1,000 members on board. "My community comes from teachers who encountered the use of Assemblr during training from their colleagues," says Federica.

AssemblrEDU Community Italiana—a Facebook group founded by Federica.

These communities become free spaces for Italian teachers to share and learn about AR practices and how to use Assemblr EDU.

The start of everything

Seeing from both of their stories, we can simply infer that they all started with the same mindset: because they love AR and want more people to know about it.

"I am passionate about augmented reality and innovative teaching methodologies; I like to continually stimulate my students; they must learn while having fun: learning with joy. What led me to found a community is to involve and excite teachers, and then pass the passion on to students," Mary shares.
Mary teaching with Assemblr EDU | Image by Mary Muolo

Through their hard work, we see that everything now pays off. They actually become the very influential ACEs in Italy. However, about this, Federica thinks it's not due to one person's hard work; it's actually because everyone plays a huge role as well.

"Over time, other Italian ACEs have also founded their own communities. This has increased the opportunities to exchange information about ACE and Assemblr EDU more rapidly than ever."
Federica teaching in front of the class | Image by Federica Tamburini

Mary also thinks that due to everyone's role, they can grow Assemblr EDU & AR in Italy. "By publishing their activities, it sparks positive impact for their students' learning activities."

Their "secret recipes" to success

To maintain their activities in their own communities, Federica and Mary have somehow the same know-how. Most of the time, they'd share about ACE and Assemblr EDU in general.

As for Federica, didactic activities are her favorite. "I want to stimulate Italian teachers to see more and more AR possibilities."

Mary adds, "In my community, we share our activities and lessons, and it's extremely stimulating. Thanks to their passion, the Italian teachers have grown so much in learning about Assemblr EDU."

Mary's Facebook group that has around 1,000 members.

As online community founders, they do believe social media is an integral tool that plays a huge role in their success. But above all, training and specific courses are no other important, according to Federica. They're on the same level.

Mary, however, has her own points. Speaking from her experiences, she believes that the most effective way is through offline contact—one of them is by helping colleagues from your own school.

Welcoming the next steps

The future is bright for Italian ACEs, and both of them also can't wait to unfold the next journey.

"As for me, I want to unite all ACEs in Italy to move forward together and create joint projects. I hope there will be more collaborations between us, and yes, you can expect it from us!" – Federica Tamburini
"We're honored to be a part of the community, and we will continue to spread more about Assemblr EDU in Italy." – Mary Muolo

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