Let's be honest–the sharing feature in Assemblr was rather limited. Maybe you've ever asked yourself after finishing a project on your smartphone, "What should I do next?" besides making people access it through your profile. Of course you could share a screenshot to your social media, but that's pretty much all you can do with it. Thankfully, you can worry no more as we shared the same concern. After all, Augmented Reality is supposed to be easy to access!

This week, we're launching the newest addition to our list of features. They are Generate Marker and Export FBX. That's right, you can now get a marker image for every project you've made in Assemblr. You can also download your project as an FBX file in just a few steps.

So what will they allow you to do?

With the Generate Marker feature, you can choose to either get a QR marker or a marker with project preview. After the marker is saved in your gallery, you can put it anywhere you want: from websites, social media, to any printed materials! People will be able to scan the marker using the marker scanner feature in Assemblr. The marker will show your project in AR right away!

As for Export to FBX, you will have the FBX file of your Assemblr project sent to your e-mail. What you're gonna do with it is up to you! Here are some ideas: You can put an animation into the FBX model or continue your project in professional 3D softwares. You can also upload it to Facebook as an interactive 3D model by converting the file to glTF format.

These features are currently still in beta. So while we're at it, might as well check your Build Mode menu and try them out if you see them. The improved version will be coming real soon, so stay tuned!