Sharing an augmented reality (AR) project made in the Assemblr ecosystem can sometimes become a barrier, especially when the people you share with don't have the application installed on their devices.

Therefore, we thought of a solution to help everyone access AR content easier and in a simpler way. That inspired us to build an AR-based web player feature—Assemblr Web Player!

Video: Assemblr World (YouTube)

"Our web player was initially driven by requests from our users and clients. Some of them are slightly reluctant when they have to download our app, especially what they need is to only view a single AR content," said Hasbi Asyadiq, the founder & CEO of Assemblr.

Aligned with our mission—AR for everyone—we want to open wider and easier access for everyone to view any Assemblr AR content. The idea is: As long as people have a browser on their smartphone or tablet, they're good to go.

Hasbi adds that this feature is a "door-opener" for many use cases. With Assemblr Web Player, users can skip through several onboarding steps—making it much easier and simpler.

What you need to do is simply send your Assemblr project link to people, and let them enliven their AR experiences right from their gadget's browser. It cuts off the effort since they don't need to download our app in the first place.

"Users can also embed their project's link—be it on their blog, website, or elsewhere on their Internet profiles. They also can open the link to view fun & interactive AR contents straight from the browser," Hasbi explains.

Highlighting its simple looks and functions, Hasbi wishes to bring Assemblr Web Player to a mass audience. Furthermore, Hasbi explains, "Although web-based AR is not something new, it still sounds unfamiliar to a lot of people. That's why we want to democratize Assemblr Web Player to a wider audience."

"Whatever it takes, I always put our users as our number one priority. Personally, I hope that Assemblr Web Player can simplify the way they deliver information and answer their needs," Hasbi says, "But on the other side, I also wish that the information can be spread all over the Internet. Our key point is simple functionality, and I think it can be the pioneer to unlock more audience."

Currently, Hasbi also shared that Assemblr has started to create a web creator as an additional feature to reach even a wider audience. Soon enough, you will be able to create AR projects as well—no need to download the app, just go straight through your browser! Stay tuned for future updates on our social media. 😉

Assemblr Web Player is our latest feature that enables you to view and access  3D & AR creations made with Assemblr ecosystem right from the browser. Using a project's link, everyone can see the 3D and AR experience without having to download the Assemblr or Assemblr EDU app.

Create AR With Assemblr

Before you start exploring Assemblr Web Player, please keep in mind that:

  1. The AR View is currently only available for Android devices supported by AR Core. However, Apple users are also capable to access using the 3D View.
  2. Assemblr Web Player can only be accessed in Chrome.
  3. Assemblr Web Player can only display selected 3D objects from the Assemblr 3D library.
  4. Assemblr Web Player can display 3D objects taken from marketplaces, so feel free to add the objects into your creation.

Nevertheless, we're constantly improving to make it accessible for everyone—regardless of their devices and operating systems running on. Go try Assemblr Web Player today!

In Assemblr, we believe that all people—including you—can create and present your own AR experiences. With an easy-to-use application, Assemblr empowers people to implement AR in any occasion. Interested to unveil more possibilities of AR? Download Assemblr now, available in App Store and Play Store!