We're happy to announce that we're launching our new desktop application, Assemblr Studio, in a few days!

As part of our commitment to build Assemblr Ecosystem, this release is going to benefit users who are accustomed with professional 3D modeling softwares, namely designers, engineers, architects, and many more.

So, how exactly will it help you visualize your product?

Using Assemblr Studio, you can turn any creations made in major 3D softwares into AR contents in just a few clicks.

This means nothing has to change in the way you design. You just have to save your project from your favorite application and we'll help you with the rest.

Sounds cool, right? Assemblr Studio's main features include:

  • Import: import 3D contents from major 3D softwares (FBX, OBJ file format)
  • Adjust: modify and tweak imported 3D contents to make it ready for conversion
  • Convert & Upload: convert optimized 3D files into Assemblr’s own format (.blr) and upload it for use in our mobile app.
  • Create: create AR projects on the Simple Editor in your PC or laptop. Bigger screen, bigger ideas.

To learn more about all the possibilities you can do with our growing ecosystem, watch the video below.

Video: Assemblr World (YouTube)

Assemblr Studio brings you more flexibility to create AR projects with your PC or laptop. When in need of more 3D objects, our software also allows you to import them from other sources. With a bigger canvas, comes more creative ideas to be expressed. Download now!