Ever wanted to put some notes to explain your 3D project? Oh boy, we definitely know how annoying it was, having to form texts blocks by blocks! It gets even worse when you want to describe a specific part of the model. Ugh, those unsightly pointer lines!

Thankfully, we've been thinking of solutions here at our office. The first one we're going to announce isn't only helpful, but also fun! Meet Annotation feature, represented by the pin (📌) icon on your Build Mode. With this feature, you can attach notes to every part of your project. It's like putting stickies on a physical object – tap the note label and the description will appear.

To start annotating, just tap on the pin icon after you've built your project. After that, add your notes in 3 easy steps: just tap, write, and drag! Leave no more room for confusions — everything’s just a note away!⁣⁣

Download Assemblr now, available in App Store or Play Store.