The beginning of 2022 is already very special for us. Can you guess why? Yup, it’s because the new ACE levels are finally here! 💯

Well, thanks to all of you—after seeing your enthusiasm and outstanding growth in the community, we decided to launch the new ACE levels!

Designed as the next advanced levels after the previous three, the new levels are created to give new challenges for the community. That way, you can keep growing and achieving—not only in the community but also reaching out to your personal networks out there.

Let’s get to know the new levels!


As the true Assemblr EDU ambassadors, Enlighteners have the powerful impact to reach the untapped potentials.

To be an Enlightener, you need to achieve a minimum of 2,300 points. Then, you will unlock three new levels and enjoy incredible benefits!


Mavens are always passionate to share their knowledge about Assemblr EDU with others.

After achieving a minimum of 3,600 points, you will be appointed as a Maven. Get ready to be awarded with new perks and experience new three levels!


Trailblazers, the icons of Assemblr EDU, are your go-to persons for everything related to Assemblr EDU.

To unlock the last level in ACE, you will need a minimum of 5,200 points! Of course, it comes with a special package and more rewarding benefits!

By launching the new three levels, we hope it drives you to keep thriving! Remember—the higher your levels are, the more benefits you’ll get. Let’s speed up and (who knows) you might be our first ACE Trailblazer! 🚀

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