One of the fun stuffs we usually do with Assemblr's social media community is doing polls and Q&A sessions. Recently, on Instagram, we decided to spend a day accepting any questions for Hasbi Asyadiq, our beloved CEO slash founder of Assemblr.

Think of it like an interview, but with all the questions provided by our community. We managed to find out what Hasbi thinks about a range of topics, from startup tips to Pokémon characters (yep, gotta catch 'em all!).

Without further ado, here are the questions and answers we have compiled from the session.

Can you share some insight into how you got your team and the first fund to build Assemblr?

Assemblr was started when I was still in Octagon Studio back in July 2017 (I co-founded Octagon Studio as CTO in 2014). With the help of some fellows we ran our first open beta, and luckily we got huge traction.

We were even invited to Y Combinator interview in Silicon Valley. Then I started fundraising for seed round in November 2017 and nailed it with a VC 6 months later. Assemblr was established as a separate entity on July 2018.

How many people are there in your team?

Currently 16 people, will be 20 by the end of this month.

What motivates you to build Assemblr?

I believe that AR is helpful and will be a huge part of our future. But in order to work towards that, one, two, or five AR companies are not enough. So I want to empower people, give the power to literally everyone, to be able to create their own AR contents for whatever their use cases are.

What is Assemblr trying to disrupt?

The way people access information and visualize their ideas or products.

Why 'Assemblr'? Why not something Augmented Reality, like 'ARsemblr'?

I've tried so many AR apps, and they were fun. But most of them are gimmicky. I don't want to use the term 'AR' as a gimmick, like most apps do. The urgency for AR is context, the use cases. So I want to give the message that you can use Assemblr to help you out with any visualization purposes.

What was your best AR experience other than Assemblr?

When I was at Augmented Reality World Expo in Santa Clara back in 2016, I was invited to test the new Meta 2 headset. That was my first AR headset experience, and it blew me away! I could grab digital 3D objects with my bare hands, putting them here and there. So that was 'how to Tony Stark'!

What is the one mistake you've faced and passed when building the company?

Instead of pointing out some mistakes, I'd rather highlight things you should do when building a company. Always start with why. Keep the team small. Build rapid prototype, validate, iterate 'till you find the product market fit, then grow fast like crazy.

Do you multitask?

CEO stands for Chief Everything Officer, so yeah I multitask. 😅

I have a VR headset, can I use it with Assemblr?

No at the moment. I've ever built an app where I can experience AR by seeing the environment through the camera, but I think it's not practical since it can also harm your eyes and cause fatigue.

Why Assemblr? Why not a car or super computer instead?

I haven't found a strong reason for that 😂 remember, start with why!

What are the best things to make in Assemblr for beginners?

You can start building some rigid objects, like a chair or a simple robot.

Okay, now let's move on to the quick questions. Android or iOS?

Why not both?

We heard you like Pokémon, so... Squirtle or Abra?

Abra 😉

What is your favorite movie?


Your favorite music genre?

I love Japanese music ranging from rock to pop. I also love electronic music, jazz, classical, and some oldies Indonesian music.

How about your favorite color?

It's red.

Who is your role model? (Anyone but Steve Jobs 😂 )

Elon Musk, Jony Ive, Bill Gates, and.... Steve Jobs 😂

Are you open for school visits?

Of course! Just drop me an e-mail to

What was your alma mater?

UPI (Indonesia University of Education), Computer Science.

Lastly, what will you make in the next 5 years?

I'll be working to make Assemblr part of our everyday life, where the way people access digital information is no longer through a tiny display on smartphone, but through AR headsets. And millions of AR contents out there are made with Assemblr.

Hasbi Asyadiq is the CEO and founder of Assemblr, the emerging 3D augmented reality platform that seeks to democratize AR for everyone. In his spare time, Hasbi enjoys cycling, photography, music and even cooking! But above all, he believes that spending quality time with his family is the only thing deserving to top his list of the ‘finer things in life.’

To reach Hasbi, you can contact him at or connect with him on LinkedIn and Instagram.