What do you think of the word intern? Well, it depends on your perspective, and your thoughts might differ with other people.

But if you're thinking of it as young people running busily in the office, serving coffee for everyone in the team, and do errands, that's certainly not the case in Assemblr. Here, we always make sure that our interns are involved on every single thing we do, including on our big projects!

Let us introduce you to our interns: Ridho Muhammad Noer Farid (Ridho), Intan Pratiwi Firdaus (Intan), and Azhandi Usemahu (Aan). The three of them have been joining us for a month, and just a few days ago, they sat together to share their experiences as an intern in Assemblr.

From left to right: Ridho, Intan, and Aan

So, what is it like for them working as an intern in Assemblr so far? Read on!

Hi, guys! Could you introduce yourself a little bit?

Intan: Hello, my name is Intan! I am a fresh graduate majored in Business Management. Currently, I'm a part of the Creative Department, working as a Content Creative intern.

Ridho: Hi! I'm Ridho, and I'm a part of the Asset Department in Assemblr, specifically as a 3D Animator intern. Previously, I worked as a graphic designer as well.

Aan: Hello, my name is Azhandi, but you can call me Aan. I'm currently a final-year student in Japan, majoring in Media Information Informatics Technology. Ever since pandemic, I've been attending online classes from Indonesia, and now, I'm working as a Back-end Developer intern.

How did you discover our job opening in Assemblr?

Ridho: I'm already familiar with Assemblr since 2019. At that time, I joined as an Assemblr Certified Creator (ACC), and have been following Assemblr Instagram account ever since. Just a month ago, I scrolled through my Instagram and found the 3D Animator intern recruitment, so I thought, "Why don't we try it?"

Aan: I found out about the job from my friends. I was actually searching for an internship opportunity, and one of my friends told me about the job in Assemblr. I applied for several internship opportunities, but ultimately, I decided to choose Assemblr as the company I want to work at.

Intan: Writing has always been my passion, and I want to hone my writing skills. That's why I searched for an internship opportunity related to the field.

Apparently, my friend liked a post on LinkedIn about a job recruitment from Assemblr, and it appeared on my feed. I took a look, and surprisingly, it fits me well! I felt like I should take the challenge, so here I am today.

What is it like to work as an intern in Assemblr?

Aan: Working as a back-end developer has been challenging since it's not the programming language that I'm familiar with. However, I like how my team has been helpful for me – providing solutions when I feel stuck and feedbacks every time I finish my work.

Also, all the people here are super fun! Everyone here has been back working from the office everyday, and coincidentally, I'm the type of person who likes to work from the office! I'm really glad I can interact in person with my co-workers.

Intan: There are a lot of hurdles that I have to tackle! I've never written any articles in English before, and I used to not be confident to speak in the language. However, I'm grateful to have teammates that are super helpful by pointing out what I need to improve. I know my works are not perfect, but still they take their time to appreciate me.

I'm also grateful to get a chance to learn directly how to organize social media accounts from my head of department. Overall, it's an eye-opening experience for me! Oh, and also, the people. They're very welcoming!

Ridho: This is the beginning of my career as a 3D animator, and I acknowledge there are skills that I haven't mastered yet. But I'm grateful that my teammates guided me and trusted me to handle projects, even from my first day here.

I also feel that my team has a strong sense of teamwork. We have three animators, but all our works are aligned neatly. Working here makes me feel comfortable!

What's the most unforgettable moment so far?

Intan: So far, I think it's the working experience and the challenges! After I started to write here, it turns out that writing is not as easy as it seems. However, of course I always try to learn and learn by reading English articles or blogs, as well as searching for writing tips.

Ridho: For me, it's the people. I mean, where will I find such a place to work and get to meet people with the same hobbies as mine? I like to play games, and luckily, everyone here plays games (of course, after office hours 😉), so yeah... I love it!

Aan: Same with Ridho. I love the people! They're super fun, and of course, we play the same games as well.

Career-wise, what's your hope after having an experience as an intern here?

Aan: When I searched for internship opportunities, I wanted to gain new experiences. Starting from Assemblr, I really hope that I can prepare myself to enter the professional career as a back-end developer.

Ridho: Since I'm 100% sure that I will be focused working as a 3D animator, I want to expand new skills here. And of course, if there's an opportunity, I'd like to work here as a full timer. 😁

Intan: I want to have a professional career as a well-rounded copywriter, and I hope I can start practicing my skills from here. I want to be a great writer!

What do you want to say to other friends about interning in Assemblr?

Intan: I really recommend it, guys! Although it's only been a month, I already gain so many new things and knowledge which I couldn't get anywhere else, even in the college. No need to be afraid to try as an intern here, because it really exceeds my expectations!

Aan: If you have a huge interest towards technology, especially about AR, go apply as an intern in Assemblr! It's not only about the technology, but you can also get a fun working environment and teammates. You can keep my words! 🤞🏼

Ridho: Again and again, I'd say that the biggest factor would be the people. I'm having fun working here, and you will too!

Do you want to have the same internship experiences as them? Check out our LinkedIn official account in case we're hiring, and join us to get a fun internship experience for three months while building a better world with AR!

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