Here's one great news: We've added another option for the Interactivity feature! Now, you can play, pause, or stop a video using the Video Control.

In this article, we're going to tell you the steps on how to use Video Control Interactivity feature!

This is the creation we're going to use as an example:

When you click on the buttons, the video will either play, pause, or stop based on the action that you choose.

However, you also need to remember that your creation has at least one object and one video. That's the only way to make this feature work, so make sure you do have it too.

How to Play Video Using Video Control Interactivity Feature

1. Choose an object to be set as the trigger.

2. Click Add Interactivity.

3. On the Media section, choose Video Control.

4. Choose your action. If you want the video target to play, choose Play—and that also applies to other actions.

  • Play: Your video will play once you click on the object target.
  • Pause: Your video will pause once you click on the object target.
  • Stop: Your video will stop once you click on the object target.

5. On the action name, you can change it to easily spot a specific interaction. Here, we're gonna change it to "Play Video" since we want the button to play the video.

6. Don't forget to set your video target. Since we only have one video, there's no need to choose options. However, if you have several videos on your creation, make sure to set the right video target.

7. On the advanced setting, you can also set the start time. That way, your video will start to play, pause, or stop based on the duration you input.

All done! All you need to do is click Apply and see the preview on the Play button.

Ready to try? Let's give it a whirl on Assemblr Studio Web! Looking forward to your awesome creations 🤩

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