Besides switching scenes and the other features available, you can also use one of our Interactivity features to open a URL, simply by clicking an object! Just like its function, the feature's also called Open URL.

Here's the project we're going to use as an example:

When we click on the text, it will direct us to a YouTube video about black panthers.

Aside from its interactivity, this feature can also be a solution for you to provide further information without having to stuff too many objects or texts into your creation.

So, want to know how to do it? Let's follow the steps!

How to Open a URL with the Interactivity Feature

1. Click on an object.

2. Choose Add Interactivity.

3. On the Jump Up section, click Open URL.

4. Here, you can change your action name. This will be very beneficial if you have long interactions, so you can easily differentiate one action from another.

For now, we're gonna name it "Open URL YouTube".

5. Then, paste your URL into the column! The URL can be anything—be it a link to YouTube videos, blogs, or other websites.

If you're all set, just click Apply! To see how it turns out, you can click on the Play button.

Ready to give it a whirl? Let's try now on Assemblr Studio Web! Looking forward to your awesome creations and stay tuned for the upcoming Interactivity tutorials!

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