Yesterday, our app became Ducati’s tool of choice to present their new edition of Ducati Scrambler 2019! In addition to the sixth edition of Scrambler, which is the most advanced version of the series, Ducati also released a new Ducati Monster model.

Ducati Augmented Reality Experience - Assemblr
Ducati Augmented Reality Experience

Being their most sophisticated release from the series, both of the new models are available at Ducati Indonesia Flagship Store where the products were launched. Usually, each time Ducati launched a new model or series, they presented their latest motorcycle and accessories in physical form. However, this time they offered something different with Augmented Reality.

Regarding this collaboration, Hasbi Asyadiq, our CEO and founder explained, “We met Ducati on February 20th, and they saw Assemblr as an opportunity to promote their products in digital form. All this time, Ducati had to unpack new accessories to be presented at each product launch. There were exhausts, headlights, rear hoods, and other parts which would end up being unused after the event was over."

“Assemblr has the capability to present real-life objects in digital form, in which the accessories configuration resembles the real product. This is what draws Ducati to try our Augmented Reality technology,” said Hasbi.

The guests who came at the launch of the new Scrambler 2019 model were also delighted to revel in a new experience. The guests only had to download Assemblr on their phones from the Play Store or App Store to be able to enjoy the latest Ducati motorcycles or accessories freely.

Seeing this enthusiasm, Hasbi added, "The opportunity for Augmented Reality is really growing because it helps brand owners, especially those who have problems in visualizing something. We hope that Augmented Reality visualization can help brand owners boost engagement and improve their sales performance as well."

To enjoy Ducati's latest release, visit their official account (@ducati) in our app.

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