When augmented reality (AR) was first invented in 1968, people wouldn't have even expected that it would grow this huge today.

With its capabilities, there's nothing you can do these days. The technology covers every aspect of our lives—be it for entertainment like Snapchat and Instagram filters or helping industries to be more efficient.

But probably, you might wonder, "Is there anything that can prove that AR is really a huge deal?"

In this post, we will unveil 10 important AR statistics and facts and how they have influenced our lives. Check them out below!

Augmented reality statistics & facts

1. The number of users keeps on rising every year!

Throughout the years, AR users are growing rapidly. In 2021, there are 0.81 billion people that uses AR itself. That's around one-seventh population in the world!

But it doesn't end there. AR is predicted to escalate even more in the years to come. Quoted from Poplar, by 2022, there should be approximately 3.5 billion AR users all around the world. That grows around three times the current number we have.

2. In 2023, the AR market is expected to be worth over $18 billion

In 2018, the AR market value was worth $1.8 billion, then skyrocketed to $3.5 billion in 2019. It can even double, triple, or even quadruple the amount in the upcoming years.

3. The most common users' age are between 16–34 years old

Four young girls chatting, having a drink, and laughing.
Photo by Elevate (Unsplash)

GlobalWebIndex has once published a survey conducted to almost 4,000 Internet users, which aims to find out how many people used a VR headset as well as experiencing AR at the same time.

Interestingly, the demographics of the participants are what stood out the most. The result shows that 35% of the participants who experienced AR falls into the 16–24 age group, while the same percentage also applies to the 25–34 age group.

4. AR is shifting into industrial use cases

Although the use of AR is famously known in the gaming industry—like Pokémon GO—and in social media as AR filters, industries starts to emerge their interests in this technology.

AR statistics for 2021 find out that AR companies are leaning more towards industrial applications compared to custom software.

5. There's a huge growth in AR use cases in the education sector

A boy learning at the classroom with a book on his desk.
Photo by CDC (Unsplash)

The use of AR for educational purposes has grown recently due to the interactive element that it offers.

Statistics reveal that around 80% of students are more likely to attend a class that incorporates AR experiences. 70% of students also say that they could grasp the material faster and improved their learning experience—all thanks to AR!

On top of that, AR is also effective to be utilized in special education. Students with disabilities find AR more engaging as it provides interactive visuals.

6. 63% of online shoppers believe AR improves their shopping experience

Among the other industries, the e-commerce industry has also incorporated AR experiences to improve its customer experiences.

Apparently, statistics on e-commerce show that 61% of online shoppers would prefer making purchases on shops that offer AR experiences.

A tablet on the desk, opening an online shop page.
Photo by Brooke Lark (Unsplash)

49% of them even state that they're willing to pay more for a product if they're allowed to preview it in AR, while 45% of online shoppers also say that AR helps them in decision making, hence saving the time they spent.

7. The use of AR/VR in healthcare is projected to reach $7.05 billion

Due to its impressive ability to display visuals, AR is also seen to be a promising tool in the healthcare industry. That explains why it has been adopted massively in the recent days.

With AR, surgeons can practice or conduct surgery more efficiently since it can augment the scan results into the patient's body. Meanwhile, it's also an extremely helpful tool for medical students, enabling them to study with more concrete visuals.

A few surgeons are operating on a patient.
Photo by National Cancer Institute (Unsplash)

By 2027, the use of AR in the healthcare industry is expected to have a 25.5% growth rate!

8. AR is slowly taking place in the automobile industry

Starting from the in-car AR trend in 2019, AR has slowly gained its place in the automobile industry. Nowadays, cars also implement an AR-based head-up display, which helps navigate drivers through the windshield.

Video by Mercedes-Benz USA (YouTube)

In addition, the global automobile AR/VR market is even predicted to reach $673 billion by 2025!

9. 70% of consumers say AR can help them learn new skills

ISACA, an international professional association that focuses on IT governance, conducted a study in 2016 about the benefits of AR in everyday life. And the result was somehow interesting.

70% of the participants believe that AR devices can help them learn new personal skills, while in the working environment, AR is also beneficial for product demonstrations, workplace training, and workplace safety.

10. 67% of media planners and buyers want to incorporate AR/VR ads

Research from Vibrant Media finds out that 67% of media planners and buyers want to incorporate more AR/VR ads into their digital marketing campaigns. By incorporating AR, they aim to improve their customer experience.

One of the successful examples is the L'Oreal YouCam Makeup app in 2018. Despite having been released for only a year, it managed to garner 3.5 million downloads!

How the L'Oreal YouCam makeup works | Photo by L'Oreal Finance

Did you learn something new? These are just bits of advancements of how AR has brought to our lives, and there are more yet to come.

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