Hi everyone! Before Assemblr Studio launches, we'd like to give you a preview of how you will be able to use our Assemblr ecosystem to the fullest potential. In this post, you will see the primary steps of how to turn your 3D models into Augmented Reality. It's fairly quick and easy, we know you wouldn't want to miss it.

1. Import

First thing first, it's time to import your own 3D into our desktop app. Simply log in to Assemblr Studio and pick an .fbx file which you'd like to import.

That's right – nothing has to change in the way you build your design! All you need to do is save your works from your favorite 3D modelling software in FBX and import it. We’ll help you with the rest.

2. Adjust

In the next step, we’ll show you how you could modify your own 3D which you have imported. You could scale and rotate your 3D, as well as import a texture onto your model. There’s no need to worry if you have to edit your work last minute!

3. Export

We're getting there! Time to export your 3D and sync it into Assemblr. After exporting, you will be able to find your imported 3D object on your library and it's ready to be augmented with Augmented Reality technology.

That's it! As simple as that. Assemblr Studio is coming your way in few days, so make sure you're the first one to know by staying tuned in with us here.