Did you know that tigers have been around since two million years ago? As the largest member of the cat family, however, their existence is currently at stake – even worse, endangered.

The number of tigers has shrunk by almost 95% for the last 150 years, for which humans are responsible. According to WWF, the current number of tigers is around 3,900 tigers in the wild; although, in 2020, it was reported that the number of wild tigers was rising in some areas.

In celebration of International Tiger Day, we're once again reminded to save and help this endangered species.

While jumping in into the wild and taking care of them in person seems impossible, we can actually contribute and protect tigers from extinction – simply from our home! Here's how:

1. Report any form of illegal trade

A tiger leaning its head into the ground with a sad face.
Photo: Frida Bredesen (Unsplash)

Apparently, illegal trading or poaching is the largest threat to tiger conservation. The truth is, between 2000-2015, there were at least 110 tigers hunted and seized annually in Asia. After those tigers were killed illegally, people then poached their skins and bones to be sold as luxury products.

More ironically, the way people hunt the tigers is full of violence; they put traps, let tigers trapped inside until they become tired and gets hit with a heavy stick until died.

Learning from those facts above, we might not be able to prevent illegal trading directly. But certainly, we can at least act and use our voices.

Whenever you read or hear news about this particular issue, try reporting to the organizations involved. You can contact WWF, TRAFFIC, or any other organizations in your country that particularly work with the issue.

Alternatively, if you want to influence a huge mass, creating a petition is also worth the try. It's not rocket science – websites like change.org provide the service, allowing you to create an e-petition that can be shared on your social media. Time to use the platform wisely and make a change!

2. Protect their habitat

A fierce tiger standing at its territory in the wild.
Photo: A G (Unsplash)

Tigers may not be the king of the jungle, but they're the protectors of our environment; the ones that keep our environment healthy and balanced.

Unfortunately, forest cutting has led to a 93% loss of tiger habitat. This fact should be alarming for us as tigers may wander beyond protected areas, which resulted in them being exposed to humans; and again, hunted and poached.

For us, being silent is obviously no longer a reason. While they have played their role for us, it's time for us to protect their habitat as well! Taking good care of our environment is one of the examples.

If you're looking for ways to do so, it's simple. Preserving our habitat starts from building simple yet impactful habits – as simple as doing 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle) diligently. We also have more ideas in store, so go check them out!

3. Adopt a tiger

A paper with written text as "donations" printed on a typewriter.
Photo: Markus Winkler (Unsplash)

When we talk about adopting, it doesn't necessarily mean that you literally adopt and bring them into your house. In this context, adopting means to donate to the organizations associated with wildlife conservation.

By adopting, you can contribute to the local communities to save tigers' habitat, prevent poaching, and other essential works related. Basically, it's to make sure that they're well taken care of.

Organizations or projects like WWF, Born Free, and International Tiger Project provide you the easiest way to donate from their websites. Remember – not all heroes wear capes, so the chance is yours!

4. Learn & share!

A boy looking at a tablet while three girls are discussing while laughing.
Photo: Brooke Cagle (Unsplash)

In the end, learning is sharing, and sharing means caring. Once you have read all the points above, don't keep them all by yourself; share as much knowledge as you can with people around you!

Let's get the word out there by sharing your voice and thoughts with everyone to be aware of this issue. To captivate people's attention, it's time to let your creative side do the work.

Creating International Tiger Day cards in Assemblr Studio.
Create your own presentation in Assemblr Studio!

With Assemblr Studio, you can create short AR presentation slides about tiger conservation and share the marker of your works with your friends, family, or colleagues.

After all, animals are very important to the ecosystem and we should be able to protect them at any cost. Let's do what we can to keep them safe!

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