Is there anything worse than sitting through a boring presentation? Yeah, being the one who delivers it. Fortunately, today we're back with a fun trick you would definitely want to try next time. I mean, did you know that you can put a 3D object on your Powerpoint slide? Watch this video here to find out!

Step 1: Download and open Assemblr
First, download and open Assemblr app on your phone. Open the editor, then put some geometrical blocks together to make your 3D.

Step 2: Export your 3D object into FBX
Once you’re done, save your design as an FBX file. Now that you have the file, you can send it to your PC and open Microsoft PowerPoint.

Step 3: Insert the 3D into the slide
Click Insert > 3D Model, or just drag the file to the slide. Then drag the handle to find the right angle.

Step 4: Throw some animations and transitions
Want to spice it up a bit? Use the Animation menu to animate your 3D. The Transition menu also got some tricks you’ll wanna try!

Step 5: Present your slides!
Your presentation is now ready.

See — it was that easy, right? Don't forget to share your cool presentation on social networks for the world to see and tag us (@assemblrworld) on the posts. Can't wait to see your next-level slides!

Assemblr is a 3D Augmented Reality platform which helps you to visualize ideas in 3D and AR for a fresh experience. To try Assemblr today, download the app here.