If you’re a part of the Assemblr Certified Educator (ACE) community, you must be familiar with the progress report. In this blog post, you will discover further how to report a progress in the right format.

By following this guide, it will certainly save our time to check and validate the reports. As a result, the screening process can be completed faster, which will help you gain points faster, too!

For newcomers who just get started, let’s try submitting your progress report!

How to report your progress:

  1. Go to ace.asblr.com and sign in to your ACE account.

2. Once you’re in, click My Progress

3. Click the Submit a Progress button on the upper right corner.

4. Then, you can describe the progress. Feel free to include URLs—if needed—and attach pictures, PDFs, or documents as proofs to validate your report.

5. Finally, click Submit, and you’re all set!

Examples on how to write your progress report for different tasks:

Now that you already know the overall steps, you also need to understand what to include in your progress report.

Here are several examples on how to write your progress report for different tasks:

1. Create an Assemblr EDU community on Facebook group

If you want to submit a report after making a Facebook group, there are two things that you must include in your report’s description.

First, you need to describe your report. For example, you can say it like the example above: ‘I made a Facebook group.’

Second, the URL to your community for us to review. If the URL isn’t provided, we will have to reject your report.

After that, don’t forget to attach a screenshot as a proof to validate your report. An example is provided below:

When attaching a picture for the proof, make sure you show your community’s name and the number of your members. That way, it will be easier for us in the midst of the screening process.

2. Install Assemblr or Assemblr EDU app

If you’ve installed the Assemblr or Assemblr EDU app, you can also report this one-time task as a progress.

When you report, please state clearly in the description about which app that you have downloaded—whether it is Assemblr or Assemblr EDU.

Then, attach the screenshot as a proof that the app has been installed in your phone. Here’s an example:

3. Create a YouTube video about Assemblr EDU

If you’ve created a YouTube video and want to report it as a progress, make sure to include a clear description and the URL.

You can describe the progress just like the one we made below. Then, don’t forget to provide the URL to your YouTube video, so we can check and confirm your progress.

How to Check your Reports' Status

After submitting your report, you can check the reports' status in My Progress.

In My Progress, you can see all the progress reports’ status that you have submitted. There are four status for the progress reports:

  1. Pending: Your report has not been reviewed by our team.
  2. Approved: Your report has been reviewed and you have gained points.
  3. Rejected: You might have violated the tasks’ rules, so we can’t approve your report.
  4. On Review: Your report has been received and reviewed, but we’re still in the process of validating it.

If you want to see the overview total of your points, you can check it on the Leaderboards. There, you can also view all ranks and points of your fellow ACEs.

Do you have any question for the points you gained? Reach us out on edu@assemblrword.com! We will be all ears.

Let’s report your progress by following this guide! The more progress you report, the more points you can gain.

In Assemblr EDU, we believe that everyone can transform education to be more fun and interactive, using augmented reality technology. Interested to unveil more possibilities for your learning activities? Download Assemblr EDU now, available in App Store and Play Store!