How was your 2018? Was it awesome? Was it okay? We hope you had a great time. For Assemblr team, 2018 was such an unexpected journey! We kicked off our ride when we launched Assemblr last February, and everything great started from that. So we think it's a good idea to take a quick look back at the year.

On the first half of 2018, we met a lot of amazing people when we participated at Game Connection 2018 in San Fransisco. A lot of things snowballed from there. We made a splash when we landed an interview with Y Combinator at Silicon Valley. We also got featured by Apple for the first time before the summer.

Fast forward to August, we finally have our own headquarter in Bandung, Indonesia. Not so long after we moved, we started collaborating with our very first partners, such as Aaksen Studio, Bobobox, and Arsanesia.

We got busy in November as we started participating in local tech and creative exhibitions around. Then, we started working on Assemblr Ecosystem and now we're getting close to the launch of Assemblr Studio.

Anyway, as a little team which had just started from scratch, we had so many things to digest in 2018. We really learned a lot, and however 2018 might seem for you we hope you got something from it as well.

Happy new year 2019 to all of our community, family, friends and partners from everyone at Assemblr!