Who doesn't know the Great Pyramid of Giza? This notable pyramid is the largest among the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex and the tallest one in the world. Not to mention that it is also the oldest Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and is still largely intact!

Constructed between 2560 - 2540 BCE, the Great Pyramid of Giza has also become a well-established tourist attraction. As much as how it has turned into the Great Pyramid of Giza we know today, still there are several "hidden" facts lie behind it.

Curious? Let's find out all the facts below!

7 facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza

1. It was 100% man-made

Ever wondered how the Great Pyramid was built? Well, apparently, it was all made by humans!

The Great Pyramid of Giza
Photo: Wikipedia

Knowing the fact that the Great Pyramid is at 454.4 feet tall and was built of 2.3 million stone blocks, we can't help but to drop our jaws. Also, keep in mind that the stones weigh ranging from 3 tons to 50 tons, which means that the heaviest stone weighs similar to half a house today!

When building the pyramid, the ancient Egyptians cut the stones into rough blocks by inserting wooden wedges, then soaking them with water. Once the wedges absorbed the water, they would expand and broke into workable chunks, which made it easier for them to carry by boat into the pyramid.

Archeologists from the French Institute for Oriental Archaeology in Cairo and the University of Liverpool teamed up on one research, and assumed that the ancient Egyptians used a sled to pull up the blocks, even on very steep slopes.

2. A group of experts took part in building the gigantic pyramid

Initially, a Greek historian named Herodotus visited the Great Pyramid in 450 BC, and he reported that the pyramid was built by thousands of slaves. That's when people started to believe into the said rumour. But then the truth was exposed, and it turns out that a lot of experts were involved!

Historians believe that there were at least 20,000 until 30,000 masons, engineers, architects, surveyors, and other craftsmen who planned and constructed the pyramid. Also, over 100,000 construction workers were included during the process.

3. It consists of three chambers

As a matter of fact, the Great Pyramid was originally constructed as tombs. In total, there are three burial chambers inside the pyramid, identified as the King's Chamber, the Queen's Chamber, and the Subterranean Chamber.

The chambers inside the Great Pyramid of Giza
Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza | Photo: Tour Egypt

These chambers function to house all Khufu's belongings, including the goods and treasures that he would took in the afterlife.

The highest of all the three chambers is the King's Chamber, which is a 20 Egyptian Royal cubits, while the Queen's Chamber is located precisely halfway between the north and south faces of the pyramid.

Then, on the underground, there's the Subterranean Chamber. It's actually an unfinished chamber, and some Egyptologists assumed that it was intended to be the King's Chamber. However, Khufu wanted his chamber placed higher.

If you're dare enough to explore the chambers, be prepared physically, because you have to go through a very tight, ascending and descending passage!

4. A fascinating work of mathematics, geography, and astronomy

Besides having a rich historical background, the Great Pyramid of Giza also stores the wonder of science behind its construction. It is said to be a fascinating work of mathematics, geology, and astronomical science.

Impressively, the pyramid sits right on top of the Earth's geographical centre, and is perfectly aligned with the constellation of Orion!

5. It's not four, but eight-sided!

Anyone thinks that the Great Pyramid of Giza has four sides? Well, us too at first. However, it actually has eight sides, and this makes the Great Pyramid of Giza to be the only eight-sided Egyptian pyramid!

The Great Pyramid of Giza in the afternoon
Photo: Joshua Michaels (Unsplash)

To catch on the details, it can only be seen from the air, either at dawn or sunset on the spring and autumn equinoxes. Once the sun casts shadows on it, then the eight-sided pyramid will be visible.

Seems pretty hard to experience it on person, but at least you got one thing ahead of others. Yup, you already know the truth. 😉

6. Beyond the pointed design

When you look at the pyramid, there's one particular design that you'd notice right away – the pointed design.

Apparently, it also has its own philosophy. In ancient Egyptian culture, kings were considered as divine beings. So, when designing their chambers, they used a pointed design to reproduce the sun rays. This was believed to help their souls ascend to the heavens.

7. No one knows what's really inside the pyramid

Ultimately, despite mastering everything about the three chambers, do take notes that there could be more things remain mysterious. Or, in other words, unexplored.

Speaking of the security inside the pyramid, it's super tight. And just in 2017, the ScanPyramids project discovered a secret chamber in the middle of the pyramid which still hasn't been accessed.

The hidden chamber found in the Great Pyramid of Giza in 2017
Photo: The Sun

With all those secret doors or corridors within the pyramid, we will never know what kind of surprises that it has in store for us. Well, who knows years from now there'd be another revelation!

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