Hi there, everyone! It's been a while since we released our major update, which includes a new portrait screen orientation and our favorite feature: the Simple Editor. While we're really excited about the changes, we understand that it might take a while for you to get used to it. That's why, we have a good news here!

To help get you started with the new Assemblr, we have made a video playlist which will introduce you to Assemblr’s most important features. The playlist contains 4 videos, which also provide you some useful tips to find and make AR designs easier than ever. Here they are!

Assemblr Basics #1: Meet the New Assemblr!

In this first episode, we’re gonna get started by exploring all the sections in the Home tab.

Assemblr Basics #2: Discover & Explore Projects

This time, our friend Anita will show you some cool AR projects and where to find them!

Assemblr Basics #3: Show, Scan and View (AR)

For those who haven’t tried the feature, this is where we’ll present, scan, and view an interactive design using Assemblr.

Assemblr Basics #4: Creating Your Project

Learn how to access the 3D library as well as publish your project, as we’re finally making our first AR design!

So that's it! We hope it gives you all you need to make awesome projects with our new update. To watch all the videos now, click here. See you soon!