When we hear about the term “gravity”, a lot of things probably pops up in our mind. Well, you might think about John Mayer’s Gravity, or the infamous movie Gravity.

But certainly, the most relatable thing that might come across your mind is the law of gravitation. And that’s exactly what we’ll discuss on this occasion!

Basically, we all know that gravity is the thing that keeps us from floating in space. However, there’s actually more to unveil about this topic, especially about its fun facts that you might haven’t known before!

So, our team tried to sum them up, and in the end, we’ve listed down these 5 fun facts. Ready to devour them? Here we go!

1. The meaning of the word "gravity"

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Ever wondered where the word “gravity” comes from?

It actually derives from the Latin word gravis, which means “heavy”. However, the word gravity itself means “something weighty or serious”.

2. The apple didn’t fall on Newton’s head

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There’s a heavy debate about the story of the apple. Some people insist that it fell on Newton’s head. However, according to a biography written by William Stukeley (Newton’s friend), it's all proven to be wrong!

William Stukeley | Photo: Wikipedia

According to Stukeley’s biography, the young Newton only saw an apple fall straight to the ground, and that’s when he started to think about it many times.

Then, eventually, he tried to spend several years to create the mathematical formula about it, while still contemplated a lot about the concept.

And on one occasion, Stukeley and Newton casually met to have an evening dining in London.

After dining, they sat under an apple tree, and Newton started to talk about the concept of gravity (and of course, mentioning the apple incident), which apparently still bothered his mind.

However, Newton also told Stukeley and thought that the Earth’s center is the answer to it all. It’s because the apple always fell to the Earth’s center, and there must be a power that draws it into the ground.

3. Newton is not the only one!

What if Newton was not the only one who experienced the struggle of finding out about the law of gravitation?

Let’s go back to the 4th BC, specifically during the Ancient Greek era!

During this era, one of the most famous Greek philosophers (which you’ll probably know as well 😉), Aristotle had the same contemplation!

Aristotle | Photo: Wikipedia

Aristotle concluded that all objects eventually move towards the “natural place”. And this “natural place” can be considered as the center of the Earth.

Furthermore, he also stated that the speed of an object when it falls, depends on its weight. So, basically speaking, the heavier the object is, the speeder it falls to the ground.

Not only Aristotle, but Galileo Galilei is also counted as one of the important figures in gravity law! However, differs from Aristotle, he firmly believed that all objects have the same amount of gravity. How come?

Galileo Galilei | Photo: Wikipedia

Once, Galileo tried to roll down objects of different weights in inclined planes (apparently, it’s not from the Pisa Tower 😜 some people misunderstood the story). After experimenting, he found out that they all have the same speed when they rolled down!

However, it’s not complete if we don’t mention the infamous Albert Einstein on the list of prominent figures who contributed to the gravity law.

Albert Einstein | Photo: Wikipedia

In 1905, Einstein founded the theory of relativity. On the theory, he concluded that gravity is not a force. Instead, it’s a distortion of time and space, caused by mass and energy.

4. You can grow taller by 2 inches in the space

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Shout out to all of you who still desperately want to grow taller! This might be good news for you, since gravity can help you to grow taller. 😂

Past studies found out that while we’re in space, we’re not pulled by the Earth’s gravity. And so, our spine is able to relax and expand. That being said, it will make us grow taller!

But, of course, when we’re back to the earth, our height will reduce again after a few months. So, you can still enjoy being taller than before for a while.

To those people who find this fact interesting, we will give you two suggestions: register yourself on the space tourism program, or change your career as an astronaut. Sounds tempting? 😏

5. You will have different body weight on different planets

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Apparently, your body can either be lighter or heavier on other planets!

The gravity in one planet differs from the others. So, based on that idea, there will be a different amount of surface gravities!

You’ll be the lightest in Mercury and Mars, whilst you’ll have the heaviest bodyweight in Jupiter! Mercury and Mars have an amount of 0.38 surface gravity, meanwhile, Jupiter’s surface gravity is around 2.34.

To calculate your body weight in those planets, you can simply multiply those surface gravities with your body weight.

So, let’s say that you weigh 50 kg on Earth. Then, to know your weight on Mercury and Mars, you can multiply 50 kg with 0.38. The result is, you’ll weigh only around 19 kg on those two planets! Meanwhile, using the same method, you’ll weigh around 117 kg in Jupiter!

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