"Wait, what?! This is augmented reality?"

Ever had that moment when you just learned a fact that something so close to your daily life, is actually an example of augmented reality (AR)?

Oftentimes, when we're talking about the concept of AR, there are moments that you—or probably, people around you—are left confused about what it is. However, you never realize that it's actually so close to your life!

To make you understand more about AR, we'll share 5 daily life examples of AR that you might—or might not have known before. Check them out!

Pokémon GO

A hand holding smartphone, playing the augmented reality (AR) game Pokémon GO.
Photo by Mika Baumeister (Unsplash)

In 2016, there was this huge, massive phenomenon about Pokémon GO. Everyone of all ages plays the game—and probably you as well! This mobile game aims to find as many Poké Balls as you can, and collect the characters as well.

What people might not realize is the fact that the game incorporates AR experiences—precisely the geo-based AR—for the Poké-Ball-hunt.

As players walk around the real environment, they will be directed through their smartphone screen when there's a Poké Ball nearby. Then, once they find the Poké Ball, they will see it pop up on their screen!

Snapchat & Instagram story filter

Kylie Jenner took a selfie with the Snapchat dog augmented reality (AR) filter.
Photo by Daily Mail

When we talk about Snapchat or Instagram, we can't separate their filters as well.

If you're a selfie addict, you might have used the famous dog selfie filter, or probably, the little hearts. But little did you know that it's an AR implementation!

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As you take a picture, the system will scan your facial features, and later adapt the 3D mask to your face. That explains how a rainbow can come out of your mouth, or other cute or funny filters that you might know!

Ads placement for soccer

Are you a fan of soccer? If so, you might have noticed the ads on the side of the soccer field. Like this:

The Bundesliga match used augmented reality (AR) ads placement.
Photo by The Drum

Apparently, they implement AR experiences!

Using 'Virtual Hybrid' LED systems, they can place different ads specifically targeted at different countries during the broadcast. On the field, you might see a Cola ad, but when you watch the broadcast in your country, it's gonna be different.

Google Maps Live View

Ever heard of the Live View on Google Maps? It also makes use of AR experiences!

Using the rear camera on your smartphone, you can view the details and directions in a real environment. Obviously, it's much more effective compared to the map presentation you're used to.

Video by Google Maps (YouTube)

If you're traveling abroad, this will be beneficial for you. However, it's only available for walking directions at the moment.

Interactive greeting cards

Nowadays, there are lots of greeting cards with different interactive elements. And by interactive, we do mean it.

Unlike your usual greeting cards, now you can find scannable greeting cards with AR experiences (have you received these kinds of cards? 👀)! But then, how to make it? Actually, it's pretty simple!

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All you have to do is create your AR experiences on Assemblr Studio Web, and when you're done, you can upload the design of your greeting card as the custom marker.

Video by Assemblr World (YouTube)

Soon enough, you can even use premade AR templates made by our team, so you don't need to create anything or simply modify the templates! Stay tuned for the updates 😉

And that's all, folks! For more updates on the AR industry and its implementations, go check out our AR Insights section! 🙌🏼

In Assemblr, we believe that all people—including you—can create and present your own AR experiences. With an easy-to-use application, Assemblr empowers people to implement AR in any occasion. Interested to unveil more possibilities of AR? Download Assemblr now, available in App Store and Play Store!