Oftentimes, teaching can be challenging – especially on how to motivate your students to learn and keeping them engaged during the lessons. That's also what our ACE from Italy, Federica Tamburini went through.

Photo: Federica Tamburini (Facebook)

However, once she started to use augmented reality for her teaching activities, it sort of helped her in stimulating her students to study and enhance their learning abilities.

Seeing her passion towards Assemblr until how she started her own community (Assemblr EDU Community Italiana), we decided to have a little chat with her to learn more about her story.

Ready to gain some insights? Read on below. 😉

Hello, Federica. We see how you're very active in using Assemblr all this time. Could you share the moment on how you first encountered Assemblr?

Hello! Yes, of course. I actually discovered Assemblr a couple of years ago, and after I got to know more about it, I thought it is a really fantastic platform to learn.

I often use augmented reality in my class, so I can engage better with my students, stimulate their desire in learning, and enhance their abilities.

In Assemblr, I found an active learning environment that makes the student the protagonist and, at the same time, the user and the producer of the lesson.

What do you think is the "core strengths" of our platform?

I like how I can view and also create my own AR contents in one platform. I also find it very interesting because it allows you to create realistic and animations and spark up the interaction.

Photo: Federica Tamburini

Personally, I really like the Classic Editor as I can just insert 3D objects from the library in order to create a whole new and different object, completely built independently.

Do you still remember the moment when you introduced Assemblr to your students? How did they respond?

Yes, when I presented it in my class, my students were all 8 years old and they immediately appreciated it. At first, we started using the Simple Editor by inserting the 3D objects from the library and some videos.

Photo: Federica Tamburini

And then, I tried to propose to use the Classic Editor as well, and they totally got impressed and excited.

Photo: Federica Tamburini

We heard you created an Assemblr EDU community for teachers in Italy. What inspires you to do that?

When I introduced the platform to my fellow teachers, they were thrilled. So, I started to build an Italian teachers community on Facebook in hope to expose this platform to more teachers.

Also, I want this community to be a free space for all members to share their teaching experiences.

Wow, we're deeply moved for your intention. Thank you so much! How many members are there currently?

Short after the community was founded, we have over 100 members up until now, and still counting!

Do you have any activities that you and the group members routinely do? Or an ongoing project, probably?

Usually, I always share the activities that I have in the classroom with my fellow teachers. They always get amazed and surprised by what I did!

Federica as a presenter of a webinar, explaining Assemblr EDU | Video: Jessica Redeghieri

For an ongoing project, I'm actually creating something with some teachers in the community. To be exact, it's an Assemblr project, and I can't wait for the project to be finished! Excited to share it with the community.

How was it? Did you gain some inspiration to inspire others, just like what Federica did?

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Are you an Italian teacher who want to expand your network and insights? Join Federica's community on Facebook now! And if you're an international teacher, go join our Assemblr EDU community as well. 😉

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