Last December was a big month in Assemblr! We held two competitions to end the year: Design a Robot and Build a Snowman. Now we've spent the first week of 2019 combing through the entries looking for the best and brightest. Big thanks to all who entered — we definitely had more cool robots and snowmen than we could award prizes to!

One interesting thing to note is how robots and snowmen are basically characters–one made from machines and one from snow! So the question in both competitions is pretty much the same: What kind of character would you make?

As mentioned in the initial blog posts, the top 3 projects will each win a handful of Blr diamonds while the runner-ups will get Blr coins. Without further ado, we present you all the best answers to last month's challenges. Let's go!

Design a Robot Competition Winners

Build a Snowman Competition Winners

Congratulations for the winners, and stay tuned for this month's competitions. We got even bigger surprises coming your way!

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